What does a Heavy Truck Do?

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Heavy trucks, or class 8 trucks, are an integral part of the US economy as they play a significant role in road freight transport. They vary in length, from 8 feet to 57 feet, depending on the length of their trailer. It is estimated that close to 73% of freight over land is carried by heavy trucks. This means there is a good chance that almost every product you consume spends some substantial time in a truck! Trucks are intended for a wide range of uses, and their appearances are often custom-designed to meet the requirements of their specific mission. Some variations include the number of axles, engine size, fuel tank, chassis height, etc. Due to their heavy-duty work, trucks need regular maintenance and replacement of parts to keep them working optimally and avoid potential accidents from poor maintenance. If you’re a truck owner or driver, you can check out quality semi truck aftermarket parts from Affordable Heavy Truck Parts and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Heavy trucks are a critical part of a logistics system that includes air and rail transport, inland waterways, and shipping which together forms an integrated system. Let’s look at some of the most common end-use of heavy trucks.

#1: Moving 

The relocation process is often hectic and complicated, especially when it’s a long-distance move. A heavy-duty truck can simplify this process as all your belongings can fit in perfectly. A heavy-duty truck has the potential to easily carry twice the weight of belongings contained in an average US home. More and more homeowners considering relocating are opting for freight moving companies for their moving needs than full-service moving companies. When moving with a freight company, charges are calculated per foot of space occupied by your belongings. Unbelievably, cross-border moving with a freight company is way cheaper than hiring a moving company.

#2: Towing 

Vehicles often break down or get disabled along the roads or other undesignated areas and need to be towed away. While smaller vehicles can be towed easily with average-sized towing trucks, towing semi-trucks, trailers, motorhomes, school buses, and extreme vehicles require heavy-duty towing trucks. Heavy-duty trucks are fitted with ideal equipment that performs various tasks to make the towing process efficient. They can include heavy-duty chains and hooks, wheel lifts, light bars, winches, and boom lifts.  

#2: Hauling 

Heavy trucks also play a crucial role in hauling. The heavy-haul trucking industry has grown significantly in recent years. Heavy haul trucking involves the movement of anything considered heavy and sometimes oversized, exceeding the conventional standards. A heavy-duty hauling truck equipped with the necessary equipment, such as a heavy-duty hook and chain, comes in handy in transporting such loads. Heavy haul operators and drivers are adept in operating the trucks and aware of legal limits along with the US highway networks. Some large cargo may require special routing and skills to maneuver obstructions along the way effectively.

#3: Transportation and Delivery 

Heavy-duty trucks are used regularly by various business entities to ferry their goods and services. They transport a broad category of goods from drinks and beverages to groceries. Animals are not left behind either. Heavy-duty trucks are used to transport both farm and wild animals in cages. Depending on the goods to be ferried, heavy trucks are fitted with various tools, equipment, and appliances to create a conducive and protective environment for whatever is being transported to reach their destination in good condition.

#4: Firefighting 

Heavy-duty trucks have long been used for fire fighting and rescue interventions in various conditions. Most usually are over 16ft and come in different versions depending on where they are intended to be driven. They can be custom-suited to be driven on-road or off-road.

#5: Garbage Collection 

Heavy-duty trucks are indispensable when it comes to garbage collection. Garbage trucks are customized in various ways for garbage collection by installing a range of features and functions. They include front loader garbage trucks designed to serve industrial and commercial properties, side loaders for household waste, rear loaders for commercial and residential properties, and roll-off trucks for mass-scale trash removal in demolition and construction sites.

The bottom line is that heavy-duty trucks remain one of the most dynamic and economical transportation modes and are one of the most critical components in the functioning of the more extensive US logistics system. We all depend on these trucks at some point along the distribution chain, regardless of whether you’re a business owner or consumer. Besides transportation, their toughness makes them quite useful for a wide range of heavy-duty jobs and ensures that even the most challenging jobs will be completed seamlessly.

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