What can fit in a 5 by 5 unit storage?

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The 5 by 5 storage is comparable to a large closet, the length is 5 feet, and its width is 5 feet, totaling up to 25 square feet. They often come out with ceilings of 8 feet, which provides approximately 200 cubic feet of packing space. Drive-up 5 by 5 unit is the most reliable and convenient mode of storage which can drive up directly to the point of destination for loading and unloading due to its easy nature. It also has the normal temperature conditions, which is appropriate for the transit of perishable products. Available as well are indoor and outdoor 5 by 5 storage units. The indoor units are ideal for enabling extra peace of mind. It shields its content from elements, near a hallway, away from the outdoors. Oppositely, indoor storage provides an ideal way for storing long-term goods or items. It comes with climate-controlled alternatives to ensure comfortable storage. With 5 by 5 storage units for rent, it is possible to keep several items, which include;


Individuals with too many clothes and limited space need not worry about the availability of a 5-by-5 storage unit. The storage provides the storage of winter clothes a perfect place to have them, especially on sunny and warm days. Besides, the units can conveniently offer just a simple drive or a walk for swapping out winter clothes with hats, gloves, or even jackets. It is good to have them in storage bins when storing clothes in the units, but they have to be cleaned first. Given that the clothes are unwashed, it results in the production of molds or mildew. Alternative to the storage bins, plastic bags or cardboard boxes could serve a similar purpose if cost is considered. However, storage bins are ideal as they inhibit moisture from seeping in and causing damage to the clothes.


The 5 by 5 units also suit small furniture storage such as bookshelves, small chairs, and even full-size mattresses. In such a situation, items that are easily stuck on each other are ideal for maximum space utilization. It ensures that the stores stored on the unit can be easily accessible, cannot easily fall over, and makes it much easier to disassemble if the need arises. Such arrangements make the transit of the units flexible and provide more space inside the unit. Like storing clothes, it is important to have the unit thoroughly cleaned before using it. It is essential to avoid lingering smells which result from poor hygiene conditions. It is also good to ensure that the unit’s content is covered. The use of old sheets, plastic wrap, and blankets is ultimate to ensure the longevity of the furniture.


As is the case for many individuals, those items are often used for only some months of the year, such as bicycles, golf clubs, and snowboards. These items are suitable for keeping in a storage unit when they are not needed for use; it is important since it maintains, thus ensuring durability. Therefore, it will provide valuable space and won’t cause unnecessary tripping over the items during winter. The equipment has to be cleaned and kept dry to offer good conditions.

Dorm Room Items

Students who often have a three to four-month holiday can use the 5-by-5 storage units to keep their belongings rather than take them home. It is worth it to have the belongings in storage units rather than the month-to-month rental units. With the units, students can reduce costs associated with transit items home and back to college.

Holiday Decorations

It is everyone’s dream to decorate their homes or anything for their best time each year. Irrespective of the kind of holiday, decorations bring a sense of unique and special moments to a living space. However, they are only used for just a few days or weeks throughout the year. Such decorations could still be used after a certain period, yet these decorations could take some valuable space and get damaged if not kept safely. The 5-by-5 storage unit can hold the decorations perfectly and with surety of no destruction. Even a specially designed artificial tree could fit effectively inside the 5 by 5 unit.

Therefore, it is worth owning a 5-by-5 storage unit for unneeded items or rather those that are highly treasured. It is cost-effective and provides a chance to get rid of bulky and unwanted items that take up valued space in most homes, making everything disorganized. 5 by 5 units with temperature-controlled tools are available for perishable goods.

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