What Breed of Canine is Doge? (Canine of the Web)

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shiba inu dog standing in the forest

For those who use any type of social media, it’s virtually a assure that you’re aware of Doge whether or not you acknowledge the identify or not. Doge is an web meme sensation and the inspiration for the cryptocurrency, Dogecoin. Doge is a Shiba Inu, a small searching breed native to Japan that’s identified for being vigorous and loving. Need to be taught a little bit extra about Doge? Preserve studying.


Doge’s Rise to Web Fame

doge dog meme
Picture Credit score: Axel Decimo, Shutterstock

So, how precisely did this Shiba Inu handle to achieve a lot consideration and be stamped in historical past as probably the most well-known web memes of this period? Properly, Doge blew up like quite a lot of different memes, by having a relatable look that speaks to souls in all places.

Who Is Doge?

Shiba Inu in snow
Picture Credit score: Petra Göschel, Pixabay

Doge is a female Shiba Inu that was adopted from an animal shelter by a Japanese kindergarten trainer named Atsuko Sato in 2008. She was named Kabuso, after the fruit due to her spherical face that may ultimately lead her to worldwide fame.  In February of 2010, Sato posted a number of pictures of Kabuso on-line, together with the well-known shot of her sitting on the sofa giving a sideways glare along with her eyebrows raised.

Kabuso isn’t the one Shiba Inu used within the Doge meme, there was one other from San Francisco named Suki that belonged to photographer Jonathan Fleming. You’ll acknowledge Suki because the Shiba Inu sporting a shawl in different portrayals of the Doge meme.

Meme Tradition

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The time period “Doge” was coined again in 2005, lengthy earlier than the Shiba Inu was connected to it. It was initially talked about on an episode of Homestar Runner’s puppet sequence as an intentional misspelling of the phrase canine. The meme first caught on when used on Reddit in 2010, however Doge blew up everywhere in the web in late 2013.

By 2017, “Ironic Doge” gained reputation over the unique model. Ironic Doge options the unique meme edited into completely different, comical circumstances. All variations of Doge are nonetheless circulating on the web right this moment.


Picture Credit score: Jiri Hera, Shutterstock

The cryptocurrency Dogecoin was initially fashioned as a “joke” by Billy Markus, an IBM software program engineer, and Jackson Palmer, an Adobe software program engineer. Regardless of its satirical origins as a method of poking enjoyable at Bitcoin, Dogecoin grew to become an prompt hit within the cryptocurrency market.

Dogecoin was launched on December 6, 2013, and inside two weeks had a weblog and discussion board. Inside 30 days, their web site had introduced in over 1,000,000 guests. The creators wished a digital forex that might be geared toward a broader demographic and separate themselves from the controversies that surrounded different cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin is the primary “canine coin” and the primary “meme coin “and by Might of 2021 had reached a market capitalization worth of over $85 million. As of July 2022, Dogecoin nonetheless sits as one of many prime 10 cryptocurrencies available in the market.

The place Is Doge Now?

So the place is Doge in any case these years? Regardless of a demise hoax that swept the web in 2017 when CCTV posted a tweet saying the demise of Kabuso, the Shiba Inu continues to be alive and effectively in any case these years. She continues to be alongside Sato and featured in Instagram posts that present the world simply how liked and cared for she is.



Doge is a Shiba Inu that gained worldwide web fame by sweeping over meme tradition all through the final decade and even impressed one of many prime cryptocurrency firms of this point in time. The meme acquired its starting when Kabuso, a rescued Shiba Inu in Japan posed for an image with a glance that may seize the eye of hundreds of thousands for the relatable and hilarious look on her face. Thanks, Kabuso, for entertaining your complete planet.

Featured Picture Credit score: Anastasiia Cherniavskaia, Shutterstock

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