What Are the Perks of Qualifying the IAS Exam? What Should Be the Frequency of Taking Mock Tests?

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The Civil Services Examination, also known as the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), is one of India’s most difficult competitive examinations. The IAS was formerly known as the Imperial Civil Service (ICS). It is an examination held by the Union Public Service Commission to recruit officers for the All-India Administrative Civil Service (AIACS). Cracking the IAS Exam requires consistent preparation and dedication with a smart approach towards completing the syllabus.

When should you begin taking mock examinations for the IAS Exam?

After some preliminary preparation, you may begin taking mock exams. Do not wait until completing the whole preparation process before taking the mock exams. You should solve the test papers simultaneously while preparing the UPSC Syllabus right away if you feel comfortable doing so to understand how much knowledge you already have.

Taking mock tests regularly.

Set up a specific time each day to take the exams. Initially, you may begin by taking one mock every week. However, once you have completed around 40% syllabus, you should increase the frequency of most tests. 

What are the benefits of working as an IAS officer in your organization? 

1. Salary benefits: The salary of IAS officers is determined by the 7th Pay Commission. In addition to their wages, they get several bonuses and privileges unmatched by any other employment area in India. The lowest grade pay in the services is Rs 16,500 per month, which translates into an officer’s income in the range of Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,50,000.

2. Job security: Because the IAS is regarded as the President of India’s representative in each district, you would only be responsible for the entire community. IAS officers are pretty unlikely to lose their positions. The IAS follows a very tight protocol for removing an officer from duty.

3. Service benefits: The Indian Administrative Services puts you in close contact with the decision-making process at the highest levels of government. The government officials formulate the policies that shape and construct India. The duty will be enormous, but it will also be rewarding. The essential aspect is the sense of fulfillment and competition it brings to those who choose to pursue it.

4. Pension and post-retirement benefits are available: Civil servants are eligible for lifelong pensions and post-retirement benefits such as appointment to various government commissions as heads. The Government of India often assigns them to many different positions after their retirement. Additionally, they are in high demand by numerous businesses, which need their experience in various professions.

5. Facilities: IAS officials are provided with living quarters and transportation amenities. The Government of India is responsible for all expenditures. They are only allowed to use one car, which includes a chauffeur. Because of their backgrounds, they may also be assigned, security guards. Cooks, maidservants, security guards, and gardeners, among other services, are provided to the officials and their residences.

6. Trips: An IAS officer has the potential to cause an aircraft to be delayed. If they are on a business trip, the plane will have to wait for them to board if they are late. Another privilege of being an IAS official is diplomatic immunity. If you are stranded anywhere outside India, no one will apprehend you if you are an Indian diplomat. 

The functioning of lAS officers is very venerable, and it entails a tremendous amount of duty and regard on the part of the officers. It is also critical for an officer to be physically and psychologically fit and healthy to deal with the pressures of the job without becoming overwhelmed. These were the perks of qualifying for the IAS exam. 

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