Welcome to the HPCL Business Portal


Welcome to the HPCL Business Portal, your single global gateway to a host of tools and information that will help you grow your business with us. Here, you can track your fuel dispatches, check invoices, update bank mandates, view purchase orders, and much more. We look forward to partnering with you!

Vendor Self Service

The vendor self-service offered through the welcome HPCL business portal HTM helps you manage your interactions with HPCL, such as submission of invoices, bank mandates, profile updates, purchase orders, and more. You can also use this portal to report complaints and grievances. The corporation will try to respond to complaints within fourteen days, except in cases of natural calamities, strikes, system breakdowns, and investigations, which may take longer. The system also allows you to track your fuel dispatches and orders.

Retail Outlet Self Service

The retail outlet self-service offered through the welcome hpcl business portal htm allows customers to check the status of their fuel dispatches, track orders, and submit invoices. The system also provides a variety of other services for retailers, including bank mandates, profile updates, and purchase orders. The retail outlet’s self-service also makes it easy for customers to complain about a bad experience or the service they received.

Complaints will be responded to within fourteen days unless there is an extenuating circumstance such as natural disaster, strikes, system breakdowns, etc.. Upon successful validation of the information provided, feedback will be sent to the complainant.