Weblog Marketing For Realtors along with Agents – How to Get some sort of Flood of Free Search results in Traffic!


What Realtor or maybe agent wouldn’t want much free traffic beating a route to their website or blog? Many of us spend countless hours and little fortunes attracting prospects to our websites and cell phones, attempting to turn them into rewarding clients. Wouldn’t you go for a marketing technique that went on auto-pilot, sent a constant stream of specific prospects to your site or weblog, and cost you mere cents or even nothing at all?

I’m going to alert you right off the bat. This traffic generation is a little bit technical however, not too bad if you hang inside. If you are not familiar with internet marketing as well as blogs in general feeling, there will be a bit of a learning competition for you. It’s well worth the little hassle of learning this particular marketing technique. Trust me. I am just no “techy” so if I am able to do this, you certainly can.

This kind of marketing technique builds when knowing what a WordPress blog site is. If you’re unfamiliar with Blogger or blogs in general, look at WordPress’s site and the remainder of this article will make a much more impressive.

So now that you know some of the principles of what a WordPress blog site is and what a Business theme/template is for your blog, you can go a little more in-depth with regards to “search engine optimization” (SEO) marketing for your blog, and that is what’s going to drive all that great, free, targeted traffic to your blog site.

“Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) is a big term though the concept is simple. And it’s a terrific marketing idea for us Real estate agents or agents to learn if you would like free traffic visiting your website or even blog.

Let me explain…

Do you understand when you do a Google search with regard to something and a list of website results are returned that match the term you typed in? There are often pages and pages associated with results but you only consider the first 1-2 pages, suitable?

Well, if you look at the top of the search bar, you’ll see the sum number of results that Yahoo or google found, which is usually inside millions. You’d have to go by pages and pages connected with results to see the millions of web page results.

So how do some of these website owners have the advertising and marketing genius to get listed on the initial 1-2 pages while the different millions of websites stay at the bottom of the results? SEO marketing and advertising!

There are ways to optimize your website in order that search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Msn, etc . rank your website to get the most relevant to what the person will be searching for. Therefore, you get paid with a higher ranking around the results page and get more visitors to your real estate website or perhaps blog.

Tons of SEO organizations and tech guys make an effort to “game” the search engines so all their sites come up as the #1 or #2 result. 60 that search engines like Google are adjusting their requirements all the time so it will be almost impossible to artificially find higher rankings.

But of course, there are numerous foundational ways to get higher ratings and most of them directly get along with the content on your site.

You possibly can on your site, or the text/words are one of the main aspects yahoo and google scan to evaluate your website. Because of this, I think blogs are so successful because you are constantly creating new, relevant content for search engines to find.

You can do the same with regular static websites but it’s tougher. You’d probably have to constantly update by adding new content, which is a great deal more time-consuming and technically complicated than with a WordPress site. Plus, WordPress is much more very intuitive for “non-techy” Realtors as well as agents like me.

This is where we start to get more technical so buckle right up…

Within your WordPress blog, you will discover tools called “plugins” this software developers have made to reinforce different aspects of your WordPress site. They’re incredible for all components of your marketing.

Many add-ons are free, some cost a little bit of money. They’re easy to put up; you just search for the tool you want, download it then turn it on and “Forget about it! micron (sorry, that’s my very best Italian impression).

For example, I prefer a plugin called “Contact Form 7”, which immediately creates a contact form on our “Contact Us” page. I need not deal with any programming, code, HTML, or any of that gunk. I just download the WordPress tool, adjust the settings and it’s really up and running on my WordPress website. It seems like programmers have an idea of a solution like this for what you may think of. It’s wonderful!

But the plugin that I would like to camp out on and let you know about is called “ScribeSEO”. It’s specially built for you to get increased search engine rankings with your WordPress website.

Since most of us web browsers don’t look past the initial 1-2 pages of benefits when searching, we need to find our Realtor or adviser blogs up as high as it can be on those results pages, suitable? Of course, that assumes you wish for free, automated traffic.

This can be going to be a little tough to help picture if you haven’t found or used a Squidoo blog but we’ll test it anyway. When you write a write-up for your blog, you’ll be producing a Title, a Description as well as the actual Content (or Body) of your blog post.

The title jots down will show up on the search engine effects page. Go ahead and do a search online right now so you know what Now I’m talking about. See that blue-shaded “headline” for all the results? Option title. Just like any other marketing and advertising piece, the title or subject is vital to catch your current prospects’ attention. So set extra effort into that part.

Underneath that headline will be your description, which will say to the surfer what your write-up is all about, in a nutshell. See it? Communicate about 2 sentences longer, right under the blue-tinted title.

The content of your writing won’t show up on the serp’s page but search engines are still going to be scouring that content with all their little robots.

What ScribeSEO does (after you’ve prepared your title and description along with content), is it scans individual 3 aspects of your blog posting to see how likely its to be “favored” by the search engines like yahoo and achieve higher search rankings in search results. Make sense? Or else, just know that those are generally 3 big keys to concentrate on.

Now, there are certain “keywords” that men and women commonly search with, similar to “Seattle real estate” or even “real estate jobs”. Search engines like google want to see good keywords within your title, description, and article content.

This is what ScribeSEO really does for you; it analyzes these types of 3 areas and gives a score from 1-100. The low the score, the more function your post needs to become “optimized” for the search engines. The larger the score, the easier your site post can be picked up by search engines.

If you get a very low score as I did, a disturbing 39, ScribeSEO gives you a listing of recommendations of items you need to repair or change. It could be as basic as starting your name with a better keyword or maybe using more hyperlinks in the post content. It might declare that you lengthen your blog posting since most search engines want to see a certain minimum variety of words.

One thing that occurred to me yesterday was that ScribeSEO said I don’t have ANY keywords during my title, description, or written content. What the heck? I was dumbfounded. I don’t remember the niche I was writing about but I realize it was something specific.

One of several ScribeSEO suggestions was to increase more keywords in this content. Again, I ignore what the topic was nevertheless let’s say it was “marketing”. My spouse and I went through my blog post as well as added the word “marketing” some more times. I hit the actual button to re-analyze the post and it picked up the actual keyword “marketing”, just as We hoped. I added this to my title as well as a description and what do you know; I acquired a score of one hundred.

The cool thing is that ScribeSEO tells you exactly what you have to fix and how to do it. It can be perfect for Realtors or real estate agents like me who need crystal clear, step-by-step, nontechnical directions.

Once you make the recommended changes, you are able to re-analyze your blog post yet again and see if your score is now up. It’s possible to get a hundred on everyone because We’ve done it, so far. Fine, I’ve had to make alterations and re-analyze a few times about the same blog post but I’m often determined to get 100. Really like I’m trying the fatigue program or something.

Typically the frustrating thing was while I went to make changes to some sort of score of 79 and also a 39 when I re-analyzed my blog post. I was ticked! But it was my wrongdoing. I was trying to be amazing and make the changes I thought ScribeSEO would say instead of just pursuing them step-by-step. That’s the things I get! In the end, I got a hundred though. Yee haw!

The one thing I don’t like about ScribeSEO is that it costs money. A possibility really a valid gripe, I simply wish everything was totally free. The pricing options truly aren’t bad at all, particularly when you consider how much traffic this marketing tool can get you.

Remember though, you may use it with a WordPress weblog. I think you can use it on regular websites too however I’d recommend going with your blog since it’s that much better for ScribeSEO marketing.

There is also a free “test drive” so that you can try it out. Frankly, I did not know if I would even have the capacity to work the dang matter so I did the test commute first and got comfortable with the item. After that, I was sold!

Anyways, I hope this marketing strategy wasn’t too hard to follow. For anyone who is a “techy”, you’re likely saying, “Dude, give me an opening. I already know this stuff.  And the rest of you are imagining, “Blog what? Search eng… huh? ” In either case, that is a great marketing tool to use and discover more about.

Now go close up some deals!

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