Ways to get 1c Clicks Using Google AdWords 


Using Google AdWords is a fantastic approach to driving traffic through powerful contextual ads. Unfortunately for most industries, it has become extremely high-priced. We all dread that pinkish pastel-colored warning field at the top of the screen knowing that the classic “Bid is listed below the first-page bid idea of A$15. 653. Who may be crazy enough to pay $1565 to get on the front side page? You must have either also been selling something that has an insane conversion rate or had been lulled into using Search engine Optimization strategies to be having to pay $15 a click!

(Quickly just on that, exactly what Google’s AdWords optimizations technique actually does is get all your money quickly as well as get you 10-12 site visitors for your $50bucks worth. Avoid bothering with it. )

Eliminate if I go on any further, I am assuming you know a little bit regarding Google AdWords, not a lot only the basics. If you don’t there is a lot of info out there on it you will figure it out within 4 minutes. Don’t buy anything, the much info you need is cost-free so don’t get sucked in. The top resource would be Google’s individual info regarding AdWords or perhaps just try it yourself along with diving in.

So if you are in an extremely competitive market what might you do? You don’t want to be paying out $10 a click does one? But you don’t want to be about the second to last site either. I personally had this concern with a games business My spouse and I run. When I tried to encourage free games on Google AdSense I’d have to pay at least $1. 50 to be on the front side page. Now don’t think meaning you’ll be in a good location on the front page, we live talking $1. 50 is at the bottom of the ladder on the front page. To be at the pinnacle your probably looking at two times that, probably more.

I then discovered a way to manipulate this listing so I could get site visitors for much less than which. I went down to 20c a click then in order to 10c. Then down to 5c. Then ultimately down to 1c! I was getting targeted traffic in order to my site for 1c per click! How did I actually do this? I skipped the actual search side of AdWords and focused on the content system side.

You only ever listen to 2 things when it comes to Search engine advertising, AdSense and AdWords. Many people fail to understand that they go hand in hand. Too many internet marketers separate the two and utilize AdWords in their search marketing to make AdSense on their sites to obtain revenue. AdSense is activities like other people’s AdWords campaigns that contain come up in the content multilevel. Let’s take the facts. AdSense revenues on average are routinely declining. 4 – 5 various yrs ago AdSense ticks were much more valuable and yes it was not uncommon to see websites getting 30+ dollars eCPM (effective cost per multitude of – ie how much money possibly make per thousand impressions). Today, with the exception of some aggressive niches, such a figure will be unheard of.

What does this mean? It means the expense to get in other people’s AdSense ads, ie the content community is now much cheaper. People are producing less money through AdSense which usually boils down to the ads particular content pages costing less. This is in comparison with search engine marketing which can be now more expensive for good keywords and phrases.

Using an example of mine while promoting an online gaming website, I paid on average 28c per click on the search community and 1c per click around the content network. I got above 24, 500 people regarding $278 using the content community. To get this from the sought network I calculated I would need to pay almost $7000!! My partner and I don’t know about you but would you seriously bargain?

How do I jump on the content network? Easy. Everything you should do goes to “Edit Plan Settings” on your campaign summation page and make sure that the information network is clicked inside the Networks and biddings portion. Here you can also choose to inhibit search marketing which will make Google provide for delivering your ads inside the content network. Now you really should be placed in the content network.

More desirable, there are no even more advanced selections where you can tell Google just what sites you want to be displayed in. This is excellent as you can basically find the site’s that your marketplace most likely visits and ask for your ads to be shown to them. This is great for slightly off-topic ads such as running an advertisement for an online business opportunity and also putting it on a career search site. This is very easy to do as well (together with most things with Google! ). Click on the campaign summary and after that click on the ‘ad group,’ you have produced. You will see four tabs on the proper-hand side of the display.

These say Summary, Keywords and phrases, Placements, and Ad Versions. Now click on the ‘Placements’ hook and there should be a button this says “Find and Add Placements”. Click this then I will recommend you choose the “Describe Topics” tool and do research online for your desired target theme. Then select the sites you intend to have in advertise with! You will need to go back and alter your campaign settings (previous paragraph) so you can change the information network targeting to “Relevant pages only on the position I target”. And that’s the item.

Sounds a little long and worn out when you write out the steps, although it’s dead easy. I hope now you will be able to work to you around those expensive key terms and yet still place your personal ads in a contextual setting. The key is to test it out. Have a tendency to go straight down to 1c. Try 20c, then 10c, and so on until you reach an area where you are paying the least it is possible to before your traffic starts dropping off. I was blessed to go down to 1c however your niche may be different. Needless to say by using the content network you possibly will not have direct targeting regarding certain keywords but then again, who has that budget?

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