Victorian Trading Company


Victorian Trading Company is a retail enterprise specializing in vintage-inspired goods, drawing inspiration from their vintage aesthetic. Their passion for vintage fashion and aesthetics has attracted a loyal customer following.

Product discontinuations are sometimes necessary due to low sales or changes in operational expenses or component availability; however, other times, products remain in production for various reasons.


The company offers products designed to evoke the beauty and romance of Victorian-era Britain, such as apparel, home decor, and gifts. In addition, they sell accessories, including jewelry and hats, which complement wearers with matching personalities; many feature delicate details typical of that period, such as intricate lace patterns. All are available at competitive prices.

Melissa and Randy Rolston established The Victorian Trading Company in Dallas, Texas 1987 as a home-based business selling nostalgic birth announcements. Since then, its growth has allowed it to evolve into an exclusive retail enterprise specializing in items with vintage aesthetics that has garnered an avid following among collectors and enthusiasts of this period.

Victorian clothing styles were distinguished by femininity and elegance, featuring detailed lacy patterns to accentuate curves on women’s bodies and designs that highlighted waistlines with tight-fitting bodices or low necklines. Men also donned sophisticated attire adorned with intricate embroidery, intricate lace patterns, or delicate fabric materials.

Victorian Trading Company products are constructed with durable fabrics for maximum longevity and style. Customers can also select their ideal piece from an assortment of colors and sizes – designed by skilled craftspeople who pay meticulous attention to every detail – making these pieces even more special!

Recent years have seen Victorian Trading Company struggle to meet customer demand due to increased sustainable and ethical consumption, coupled with consumers seeking affordable yet appealing products – both trends rendering their products less desirable for customers. Due to these issues, they closed all physical retail locations and focused on operating an online store instead. They hope this move will enable them to regain financial strength more quickly while reaching more customers quickly through online presence and making money faster than offline presence would allow.

Home Decor

Victorian Trading Company was established by Melissa and Randy Rolston of Dallas, Texas, in 1987, offering vintage and elite products. Since its start-up date of 1987, it has expanded rapidly into becoming a leading brand within the retail sector. Specializing in Victorian-era items has attracted loyal clientele. At the same time, antique-inspired products have become collector items – offering apparel, home decor, and gifts reminiscent of that era are among its offerings.

Home decor products from this company include furniture, textiles, and accessories designed to add a luxurious feel to any room. Crafted from top-quality materials, their products will bring beauty into any space they’re placed. In addition, jewelry, hats, gloves, and other accessories pair perfectly with any outfit; gift lines offer something suitable for every special event or celebration!

Victorian Trading Company has experienced financial difficulty due to its inability to adapt to consumer demand. Customers increasingly expect sustainable and ethically sourced products at reasonable prices and prefer online shopping over traditional brick-and-mortar stores; both factors lead to declining foot traffic at Victorian Trading Company’s offline retail outlets and consequently decreased profitability.

There are still retailers selling Victorian-inspired clothing and accessories. Additionally, several websites specialize in vintage products and services, such as:


Victorian Trading Company specializes in selling goods and accessories with an antique charm. Established by Melissa and Randy Rolston of Dallas, Texas, in 1987, the business quickly found a prominent name within retail. Today its products include clothing, home decor items, and jewelry reminiscent of Victorian-era motifs with intricate patterns and minute details that appeal to customers worldwide.

Our gift line at the store includes an array of products designed to add a touch of class to any outfit and comes in many different styles and colors to complement any ensemble. They’re ideal for birthdays, weddings, and Christmas. The selection includes home decor items like candles and perfumes to complete the experience!

Victorian Trading Company offers more than fashion and home decor products; they also provide an assortment of unique wholesale products for retailers who wish to add vintage charm to their stores, special events like bridal showers or baby showers, or simply for fun.

Although successful, this company has struggled to adapt to shifting consumer needs. They had to close several of their offline retail locations due to the surge in e-commerce popularity; many customers prefer sustainable and reasonably priced products and services instead.

If you’re ready to shop with this company, head over to their Sale page, where all their latest offers can be found – as well as coupon codes and promotional deals, which could save money when making your purchase more cost-effective. Plus, they provide free shipping on orders of $79 or more, making finding what you need more accessible than ever!


Victorian Trading Company is an American retail enterprise offering clothing and home furnishings with a classic Victorian aesthetic. Established by Melissa and Randy Rolston in 1987, its unique offerings have attracted loyal customers.

Victorian Trading Company’s apparel range features corset-style outfits, dresses, and hats designed to complement customers’ appearances. Crafted from high-quality materials with intricate lace patterns and designs that bring Victorian fashion trends alive today. Their clothing collection is particularly favored among female customers interested in this era’s fashion trends.

The home decor line of products this company offers features antique-inspired furniture and textiles, such as armchairs and beds, along with accessories like scented candles and soaps to give customers an elegant ambiance. Additionally, its gift collection offers items suitable for any special event or celebration.

When shopping for someone special, this shop’s selection of jewelry and handbags can make an excellent starting point. Crafted to resemble those worn by Victorian-era royalty at an affordable price point. Furthermore, decorative items like mirrors and vases add a sense of classy elegance that makes any space feel luxurious.

With a longstanding legacy, Victorian Trading Company has recently experienced financial difficulties due to changing consumer preferences. Customers increasingly prefer sustainable and ethical goods at reasonable prices, making it essential that retailers adapt accordingly to remain competitive and remain profitable.

If you want to save money on your purchases, visit the Sale page on their website. Here you’ll find information on their current sales – holiday and seasonal specials included – plus you may qualify for additional savings by subscribing to their email newsletter; remember to use your coupon code at checkout to train. For any inquiries about their products or services from this retailer, you can reach their customer service department through their website or over the phone.