Verizon Trail Camera Plans


Most cellular trail cameras operate on Verizon’s network and utilize a wireless data plan for remote monitoring, typically costing $5-15 per camera, with many offering additional add-ons such as HD image transfers. Pick out the wildlife camera.

Wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, and researchers require real-time connectivity and monitoring. Most plans provide generous data allocation and can be purchased without a contract.

Exodus Outdoor Gear

Exodus Outdoor Gear, an American trail camera manufacturer, provides various cellular trail cameras using the Verizon network. Their cameras come with several plans available – some are free – as well as their five-year “No BS” warranty, including a theft/damage replacement policy of 50% off (unique in the industry) should your camera get stolen/damaged during its lifespan. This warranty offers hunters peace of mind should something happen to it!

Most cellular trail camera manufacturers provide their customers with various data plan cost options that are both cost-effective and allow you to download more high-resolution photos. Many offer discounts when signing up for annual plans; others allow multiple cameras on one project to help save even more money.

Stealth Cam offers a selection of cellular trail cameras compatible with AT&T or Verizon networks at competitively affordable rates. Most models include one year of free cloud storage. Furthermore, their plans come complete with the Pro Scout app, which enables you to view images and videos taken by your camera remotely.

Bushnell trail cameras are a favorite among hunters. Their cellular trail cameras offer some of the highest nighttime images on the market, very reasonable monthly data plans, and customizable camera settings to simplify hunting.

Spartan trail cameras are produced in the US, giving them a competitive advantage over other brands. Their variety of cellular data plans correspond with your desired length of camera usage time, and they feature a convenient mobile app to activate, select data plans, and customize settings easily.

Moultrie Mobile provides affordable cellular trail camera plans that can be purchased monthly or annually and changed anytime without incurring cancellation fees. Their programs cover large portions of rural America and feature HD video recording – ideal for hunters wanting more detail in their wildlife shots!


Exodus Outdoor Gear stands apart from its competition by working with third-party company Scoutek to offer customers cellular data plans for its Render 4G LTE cellular trail camera on Verizon’s network and using this data plan for GPS transmission and battery status updates via their free mobile app. Activation, selection of program, and settings adjustment are seamless!

The Render offers features not found on other cellular trail cameras, including lockable SD card doors and password protection to safeguard it against thieves. Furthermore, its long battery life and high-quality image sensor allow it to capture up to 256GB of images and record 60 minutes of footage simultaneously.

Exodus Outdoor Gear’s Render cellular trail camera is an excellent solution for anyone wanting to capture photos and videos in remote areas. Its powerful processor enables it to upload more data per cycle than competing models. At the same time, its HD 720p recording capacity makes this an excellent choice for hunting and nature photography enthusiasts. Furthermore, its hardware design incorporates multiple wireless communication features for optimal performance in various weather conditions.

Browning’s Defender Ridgeline trail camera comes equipped with Dual Carrier technology, which enables users to choose their carrier of preference. Furthermore, this camera provides a customizable WiFi hotspot, transferring pictures and videos from memory cards onto other devices.

These cameras are compatible with Verizon’s network and can pick up the strongest signal from nearby cell towers. Plus, they come equipped with a USB cable, which can be charged anywhere – at home, at work, or when out and about! Furthermore, the cameras feature an infrared LED flash to detect heat or movement up to 100 yards away.

Scoutek monthly plans are $5 and can be shared among two cameras. Overages are calculated per MB, making it easy to limit downloads and stay under budget while tracking usage. All unutilized data automatically rolls over into next month’s plan for easy budgeting!

Moultrie Mobile

Moultrie Mobile is an industry leader in cellular trail cameras that utilize AT&T and Verizon networks, providing remote monitoring with access from any Internet-enabled device. Their flexible plans offer payment options, including monthly or yearly, with no cancellation fee incurred when changing plans at any time. Furthermore, unlike many providers, Moultrie offers unlimited images and hi-res downloads – an attractive proposition for hunters and property managers alike.

Cellular trail cameras use 4G connectivity to send images directly to a server operating on AT&T or Verizon networks, depending on coverage in your hunting area. They’re an ideal option for hunters without access to WiFi in their hunt zone or who prefer to forgo the hassle of downloading and deleting SD cards.

The Moultrie Edge, a cellular game camera, offers some of the finest features available in wireless devices. It automatically connects to the most robust network in its vicinity, and features such as an impressive smartphone app and user-friendly interface are among its many attractive offerings. Plus, this budget-conscious, hunter-friendly option makes a perfect companion.

Moultrie offers various plan options, including prepaid data, which helps protect you against overages. They also have an annual plan option, which can save up to 40% in total monthly costs and accept various payment methods such as credit and debit. Their cellular trail cameras are highly recommended by outdoor enthusiasts while boasting world-class customer service.

All Moultrie cellular trail cameras incorporate an internal antenna for optimal wireless performance, unlike most other trail cameras that utilize external antennas that may break or interfere with signal strength. Furthermore, Moultrie cameras feature built-in memory card readers so users can easily remove and review their photos and an anti-theft system that prevents thieves from remotely accessing and taking your pictures.


Most cellular trail cameras require a data plan to transmit captured images, with two primary options for purchasing it being through either your camera manufacturer or network provider. Both methods may have advantages and disadvantages – usually, manufacturer plans offer better deals than network providers’ plans.

Bushnell offers very cost-effective cellular plan packages for their IMPULSE and CelluCORE 30 cameras, including battery monitoring and GPS data transmission; additionally, these plans come with a one-month free subscription! They allow for battery monitoring, news, and photos or video transfer. Alternatively, their “Status” plan provides the free downloading of 100 base images each month – an alternative solution available through Bushnell.

Spypoint offers four distinct cellular plan packages that vary in cost and capacity, from free (if no photo transmission fees apply) to $5 for 200 base images a month – while hunter, scout, and premium plans offer HD photo uploads and video clip transfer capabilities at additional monthly costs.

Stealth Cam offers monthly and annual cellular trail camera data plans that are suitable for their cameras, at more expensive than some competitors but still affordable on an individual camera basis. Their programs work with Verizon and AT& T networks.

Browning’s cellular game camera plans may be slightly more costly than those from other manufacturers. Still, their price makes sense for hunters looking to capture high-resolution photographs and videos with minimal noise. Plus, these plans work seamlessly with Verizon and AT&T networks and come in monthly, quarterly, or yearly packages – perfect for any hunter requiring high-resolution shots or video.

Covert cellular game camera plans are among the most cost-effective on the market, available monthly, quarterly, or annually and shared among multiple cameras. Their compatibility with both Verizon and AT& T enables hunters to monitor a larger area.

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