US Trading Company Review


US Trading Company has been in business for over 25 years. Their products include industrial gases, petroleum fuel, and chemicals; they also provide services such as gas/power procurement/marine chartering/oil marketing/marketing strategy services.

The CFTC’s lawsuit against Binance Exchange has sent shockwaves through American firms who work with it, sparking fears it could impact digital asset liquidity and reduce trading activity. Traders fear this lawsuit may reduce market liquidity.

It is a leading grocery and food service distributor of Asian grocery and food service products in the United States.

U.S. Trading Company of Hayward, CA, specializes in Asian food and grocery imports. Their customers include wholesale distributors, restaurants, grocery stores, and food service establishments; their product list covers items from China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan Thailand. Products offered include canned foods, frozen foods, rice noodles staples, fresh and frozen seafood, meat, vegetables, and other items.

Golden Fortune was established in New York City in 1982 as a family-owned importer and distributor of Asian food and grocery products, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean products, spices, condiments, condiments, and snacks. Their products can be found across supermarkets throughout the U.S.

This company operates an expansive national distribution center network and a fleet of trucks. Warehouses are fitted with cutting-edge freezers and excellent systems to ensure products arrive in optimal condition, and its customer support department stands ready to address any customer inquiries or concerns.

US Trading employees typically make an average salary of $2,684,604 based on location and job title, though this may differ significantly based on individual skills, experience, and other considerations. You can explore similar companies by selecting their name and location.

It is a broker-dealer.

Broker-dealers are individuals or firms who trade securities such as stocks, bonds, and options on behalf of clients. Broker-dealers must register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and join SIPC while maintaining books and records to account for transactions, money balances, and securities positions; copies must also be kept for required periods in case SROs request them; they also need to notify both SROs of significant net capital or recordkeeping issues within specific periods – providing us early warning.

Broker-dealers must also comply with the antifraud provisions of the Securities Exchange Act, which require that each security recommendation made to customers has an adequate and reasonable basis. This requirement has been interpreted to include inquiring into each customer’s financial circumstances and investment goals to determine whether recommended securities meet them.

Broker-dealers must also fulfill federal and state capital requirements, which vary based on the amount of business conducted and its capital ratios. Furthermore, broker-dealers must have sufficient liquid assets available in case of failure to pay customer claims against them in case of their bankruptcy filings; lastly, they must possess the capabilities for electronically transmitting transaction data back and forth from clearing agents and customers.

Brokers and dealers must abide by the rules of self-regulatory organizations they belong to, such as broker-dealers. A broker-dealer must be able to arbitrate disputes between it and its customers to prevent legal actions from being brought against it by either customer. Furthermore, to be considered reliable, it must maintain an impeccable reputation and be financially sound, providing monthly account statements showing market values of penny stocks held in customer accounts and reporting all trades made between it and the customer to SEC or any other appropriate agency.

It is a brokerage firm.

TD Ameritrade is well known for offering low-cost stock, ETF, mutual fund trades, and various research tools that assist investors with informed decision-making. Furthermore, their international trading platforms give access to numerous global markets for customers to trade.

Shell Trading (US) Company is an organization within Royal Dutch Shell that unifies its oil and products trading activities in the US market. Their portfolio encompasses buying and selling physical crude oil, refined products, and feedstocks, as well as paper trading on exchanges such as New York Mercantile Exchange or Chicago Mercantile Exchange and over-the-counter trade.

Moomoo Financial Inc. provides $0 commissions on US exchange-listed stocks, ETFs, and funds traded in self-directed individual cash or margin brokerage accounts, while options trades incur a $0.65 per contract fee; additional fees and expenses may apply; Moomoo does not provide securities or advisory services to residents in Australia, Canada, Japan Hong Kong Singapore South Korea or the UK.