Twillory Pants Review


The Twillory Performance Pants are an excellent option for casual and professional wear. They can be worn with a t-shirt and tennis shoes to a happy hour or tucked in for an important business meeting. The fabric also wicks away moisture. You don’t have to worry about ironing these pants.

Performance button-downs

Designed for comfort, style, and functionality, Twillory Pants are an excellent choice for work, play, and everyday wear. This versatile pair of trousers has an ergonomic waistband, four-way stretch, moisture-wicking fabric, and a non-iron construction. Each pair of trousers can also be ordered in any size and delivered directly to your door.

These trousers are priced at $89 each and come with a coordinating shirt. If you purchase your pants at the same time as your shirt, you can receive a $10 discount. They are an excellent option for a busy office or business trip. Twillory was founded by Eli Blumstein, Ricardo Goldschmidt, and Harry Cedarbaum. The company is a sister company of Byblos, a famous textile manufacturer based in Buenos Aires.

The Twillory shirts are made from soft, breathable fabric. These shirts are comfortable to wear, even on the hottest days. In addition, they feature metal collar stays, which most other brands use thin plastic ones. These collar stays make a massive difference in a shirt’s performance. The price tag is a bit high, but the quality is well worth it.

Cool collar stays

Shirts from Twillory have collar stays that help keep your collar in place. These stays are usually made from brushed nickel and are pretty cool. The collar stays hidden behind the collar and is buttoned inside your shirt.

In addition to pants, Twillory also makes shirts and performance button-downs. The shirts claim to be sweatproof and moisture-wicking and feature four-way stretch. The fabric is made of 58% cotton and 19% CoolMax. There are also 100% cotton non-iron shirts made with CottonSafe that don’t contain any formaldehyde.

Moisture-wicking fabric

These moisture-wicking pants are perfect for outdoor activities. They dry quickly and are lightweight. The moisture-wicking fabric releases moisture, so you don’t have to worry about the pants shrinking when you wash them. The material is also designed to be durable and won’t break down quickly.

The fabric used by Twillory has been engineered with specific functions in mind. The research process can take years and includes numerous prototypes. When Twillory decided to make performance pants, they were unhappy with the fabric used in the prototypes. As a result, they approached a Japanese textile manufacturer who developed a knitted yarn with a polyester top-down warp rib.

The fabric used to create these performance pants was developed with the help of engineers in Japan. It is then shipped to a suit manufacturer in Egypt for assembly. Twillory representatives visit the factory to ensure the garments are produced according to the highest standards.

Non-iron fabric

Twillory is a menswear brand that features performance button-down shirts and pants. Its fabrics are moisture-wicking, non-iron, and sweatproof. Its shirts have 58% cotton, 19% CoolMax, and four-way stretch. They are crafted with a unique process called CottonSafe, free of formaldehyde.

The non-iron fabric in Twillory Pant’s shirts is made from thick, textured cotton. This material has a unique textured weave, making it feel rugged and durable. The fabric is also made of SafeCotton, free of the chemical formaldehyde, which is necessary for conventional non-iron clothing.

SafeCotton is a type of cotton fabric developed by Twillory. It’s made from two-ply Egyptian and Sea Island cotton. It goes through a chemical-free process to remove irritants. SafeCotton’s non-iron material is available in a wide variety of styles.