Trends Transforming the Sports Betting Industry


Each year, the sports betting industry generates more than £400 billion, with 70% of the revenue from football betting. As the world evolves, the gambling industry is not left behind. The sector continues to be shaped by trends birthed by technological advancement.

Betting trends such as live betting, live streaming, and mobile betting have made gambling more accessible. As a result, bookmakers can easily attract their customers and generate more revenue. Besides, gamblers can play on betting sites more conveniently without much hassle.

Top Trends in the Sports Betting Industry

As technology surges in the sports betting industry, online gambling and bookmakers like 1xBet have become popular worldwide. Besides, jurisdictions that prohibited it have loosened their belt after realizing that they could earn significant tax revenue from gambling. As a result, they are working to develop laws that will regulate gambling in almost every part of the world. As a result, land-based and online sportsbooks find their way into the industry and allow customers to bet from their homes.

Betting on eSports

Another key trend in this sector is the rise of esports. These are virtual competitions with additional betting opportunities and fun. Even though players don’t meet physically to compete, they play against each other virtually. Additionally, players are going after esports because they come with competitive odds where they can make more money.

Live Streaming

Sports betting has also become popular due to the invention of live streaming. Bookmakers are integrating this service to allow players to have a real-time gaming experience. Live streaming attracts more customers because everyone wants to see the match as it happens live. Besides, some betting companies have expanded to offer live betting services. This is to allow players to place their bets during a game. Therefore, they can place an additional bet depending on what’s happening during the match and increase the chances of winning. Sportsbooks with such services are likely to attract a considerable following and thus generate more revenue.

Betting with cryptocurrency

On the other hand, gamblers enjoy cryptocurrency betting due to advancements in technology. Most betting companies offer crypto services on their sites. As a result, players can deposit to and withdraw from their betting accounts using cryptos such as bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, cryptocurrencies are easy to get and safer to use. A player doesn’t need any financial institution or currency to deposit to their crypto account. Besides, cryptos don’t charge transaction fees, thus giving bettors the freedom to deposit or withdraw as much as they want at no cost.

Micro betting

Another remarkable trend in sports betting today is micro betting. It is a more exciting feature that comes along with living betting. It allows a bettor to wager on specific game elements unrelated to the final game’s result. Usually, the bet happens in real-time as the game goes on and is settled promptly. Therefore, players don’t have to wait until the game ends or halftime to know whether they won or lost.


Football betting sites providing micro-betting features can also have the cashout option. It is a function that helps gamblers settle their bet before the game ends. Therefore, a bookmaker allows players to withdraw the winnings on their chance, which will be lower than their projected winnings. Besides, this service gives bettors a guarantee of getting something from their stake amount, whatever the result is.

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is also another prevalent trend in the sports betting sector. Bookies are developing betting apps and optimizing their sites to be mobile-friendly for players. Therefore, gamblers only need a smartphone and internet connection to access a betting site, place their bets, and have fun. Besides, they can enjoy mobile gaming in the comfort of their home or on the go because their mobile devices are always with them.

Finally, players can enjoy prop betting in many sportsbooks today. Prop betting is where a player can bet on a single game element. This is an exciting feature, especially for new bettors who know little about sports betting because they can only wager on what they know. Besides, bookmakers provide a wide range of prop markets to bet on based on the player’s performance.


The Sports betting industry is ever-changing. In the past, players visited land-based bookies to place their bets, but today, online gambling is the order of the day. Besides, bettors can watch matches and place their bets in real-time. These trends have made betting easier, faster, and safer. Unfortunately, however, illegal gambling is also finding its way as the industry evolves.

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