Treat Finding an Assisted Living Facility like Buying a Home

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Experts predict that the population of adults above 85 will triple in the next twenty to thirty years. Today, about 28,900 assisted living facilities to exist in America, with 28% of those located in the south. For example, assisted living in Saint Petersburg FL-based, contributes to these numbers.

In addition, almost one million individuals reside in assisted living facilities in the United States, with the average assisted living facility containing thirty-three beds. As the population ages, these figures are most certainly going to rise.

Deciding on assisted living should be treated just as seriously as buying a home. Whether for yourself or your loved one, it’s a big decision with multiple factors to consider. The ambiance and the “feel” of the assisted living facility are essential considerations, in addition to investigating and evaluating the staff’s education and experience.

Below are a few other things to consider.

Other Assisted Living Factors to Consider

Curb appeal is important

Similar to when buying a home, a facility’s appearance reveals a lot about how it is managed and run.

Things to look for in the rooms

Are the carpets clean? Is the wall paint fresh? Is there noticeable damage? Are the furnishings in decent shape and relatively new? Check the water pressure, inspect for water damage, and note any minor issues like holes in the walls or missing hanging rods in the closets. Do everything you would do when purchasing a home. These tiny details together reveal how efficiently the facility is managed and cared for.

Inquire about the amenities, activities, and culture of the facility and neighborhood

Is there a weekly Bingo night? Swimming pool? Book Clubs? Make sure you won’t have to venture very far for basic necessities, including warding off potential boredom.

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