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Track Off is a privacy-protection program that prevents online tracking. Track Off Software Review tells us that it helps you to protect your privacy. The software protects sensitive user data, such as your debit card, loans, internet habits, workplace, and other pertinent information, from being disclosed to unauthorized sources. Most crucially, Track Off software discovers and protects data by automatically detecting browsers on the user device.

By now, most of us are aware that anyone looking to profit from your data has access to your identity and personal life; our address, surfing history, age, gender, place of employment, and so forth.

Track Off Software Review

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Who Is Going To Benefit From This? – Track Off Software Review

Anyone who desires a more private life while online and even if one does not has a browser open. There are plenty of other applications on your computer that use the internet to obtain data and other things in the background.

Track Off Software Review: Companies can follow you and gather information about your online activity using your digital fingerprint, even if you use an antivirus or VPN service. It is what Track Off offers to you; they protect your privacy.

What Do They Offer? Track Off Software Review

Let us take a look at what Track Off has to offer in terms of privacy protection.

  • Track Off disguises your Digital Fingerprint and prevents hackers from stealing your data online, preventing online ID theft.
  • Protects your surfing history from eyes on the internet: Track Off keeps tracking cookies out of your browsers.
  • Track Off can identify and block efforts to acquire your personal, family, and financial information in real-time.
  • Syncs with your browsers automatically: Track Off will safeguard all of your browsers on your computer. So, you do not have to worry about double-checking.
  • Schedules your browser cleanings: Even if you can perform it yourself on any browser, this will relieve you of the burden of remembering to do so.
  • Track Off will not interfere with your browser or create crashes like other apps.
  • Shows who is attempting to track you and puts a stop to it: You may see a detailed report of all the websites that have attempted to steal your information.

Track Off Software Review

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Is Track Off Worth It? – Track Off Software Review

Its pricing is modest for the level of protection you get, and it’s a few dollars less expensive than Albine Blur, but you get three licenses instead of one.

For an extra $25.00 (about $2 per month), you may upgrade to the Elite plan, which includes a VPN that hides your location so no one knows where you live. Standalone VPNs can cost anything from $4 to $12 per month, so the cost is comparable. If this fits within your budget, it will be well worth your money in terms of privacy protection.

Track Off Software Review

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Track Off Software Review- Final Thoughts

I have been using TrackOFF for months and have no problems with my browser activity. Except for some pop-ups, and I don’t even feel whether it’s running.

I’ve been surprised by how many websites try to collect your information; even when I don’t have a browser open, I’ll get a pop-up or two alerting me to stop attempts. So, even for the price, I believe it’s fantastic.


How can I contact Track Off?

You can mail them at

I have Anti-Virus so, why do I need this?

Antivirus is good at protecting your computer, files, and photos, but it does not protect your online identity. Track Off is an added layer of privacy protection on top of your existing antivirus software.

Does Track Off block unwanted ads?

No, Track Off Software Review suggests that Track Off does not block unwanted ads.

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