Top Resources for Festival Ticketing Promoters

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If you’re in the festival ticketing business, you know that finding the right platform is essential to your success. There are many different platforms out there, and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the ten best festival ticketing platforms! This list includes some of the most popular platforms and a few lesser-known options.

We hope this will help make your decision easier!

1. Lyte – Our top recommendation

Lyte is an online festival ticketing company that allows you to sell tickets with a mission of “Filling every seat” and providing an out-of-this-world experience for fans, promoters, and artists. This festival ticketing platform makes it easy for supporters to sell tickets and adds a not-so-common insurance technique to the keys.

For most of the sites that festival promoters can use, a “No refunds” policy will apply, but this doesn’t happen at Lyte. That’s in consideration that event-goers have the option to return their ticket so that it’s put in the hands of another fan. That way, fans can rest assured that they will get their money back if they have to return their tickets for some reason.

2. See Tickets

As a platform that has been in the online ticketing market since 2004, See Tickets has worked with festival ticketing promoters to sell millions of tickets. This one should be a good choice for supporters who have big events, whether in the lifestyle, music, or comedy categories.

One downside of See Tickets is that they are a little fussy about the parties they decide to work with. Additionally, the rates can vary depending on the event and promoter. Your best bet would be to contact them and hope that they have the space to list your event.

3. Skiddle

You are looking for a festival ticketing platform that allows you to take advantage of your social media presence? Skiddle can be a great choice. This ticketing company has an integrated social media sharing feature that will enable you to advertise your sales on their Facebook ticket shop. Taking such an approach can come in handy for festival promoters who have a huge following on Facebook.

4. Billetto

This company’s market is focused mainly on the European region, with the UK included. The team at Billetto is dedicated to ensuring that people experience the world more by going to unique events in different locations.

One considerably unique to this company is that it uses Artificial Intelligence to match fans to the events that they are most likely to be interested in based on their preferences. That way, festival promoters can be better exposed to the most relevant audiences for their events.

5. Ticketline

Ticketline is a company selling itself as one of the largest main ticket agents providing services to the UK market for more than 30 years. The front page of their website displays many events and offers, allowing ticket buyers to have a sneak peek of the events that would intrigue them the most.

This festival ticket platform has a proprietary self-service ticketing product known as Ticketlight. Festival promoters can use the product to design and automate their eTickets. And since Ticketlight is integrated with Ticketline’s marketplace, it’s much easier to enhance the awareness of your event.

Wrap up,

As you probably know by now, some sites will be better for you than others, depending on the festival you are promoting. Do your research and find the place best suited to your needs- and be sure to read the terms of use so that there are no surprises down the road!

Happy promoting!

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