Top Interior Designers in New York


Ryan Korban is one of the most sought-after and in-demand interior designers in New York City. Other top interior designers in New York include Nick Olsen, Kelly Wearstler, and Mark Cunningham. Let’s examine some of these professionals to learn more about their work. You’ll surely be impressed by their creative thinking and ability to bring contemporary and traditional elements together.

Ryan Korban is one of the most popular and in-demand interior designers in New York.

Ryan Korban is an interior designer with a signature aesthetic characterized by clean, geometric forms and muted colors. The self-taught designer has worked with some of the most high-profile clients in the industry, including celebrities like Vanessa Traina and Jessica Stam. His portfolio also includes luxury commercial spaces.

Located in New York City, Anastasios Interiors is an all-service design firm. Founded by Anastasios Gliatis, Anastasios Interiors offers elegant and unique interiors to a diverse customer base.

The most crucial step in the design process is creating defined areas to place the furniture. Once a space is limited, a story can be told with the table. Using similar textiles and color palettes throughout the room will help make the space more cohesive.

Nick Olsen

Known for creating interiors that blend antiques and modern art, New York designer Nick Olsen is a highly accomplished decorator. He holds an architecture degree from Columbia University and trained under architect Miles Redd for five years. His first project was a studio apartment filled with colorful art and personal treasures. It was featured on the cover of Domino magazine in 2006. Olsen branched out on his own in 2010 and continues to design dynamic, comfortable interiors.

Nick Olsen’s extensive design portfolio shows how he blends antiques and contemporary art. His eclectic aesthetic features a mix of classic and modern pieces, and he likes to use scale and texture contrasts to make his designs exciting. He also loves to use unexpected color combinations and focuses on his client’s needs. Recent projects include a mid-century modern home in Cincinnati and a vernacular summer home on Nantucket.

Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is an interior designer who has made a name for herself through her bold ideas and spectacular interior projects. She is currently working on a new Miami hotel and residential and commercial projects. She is also ramping up her e-commerce efforts and has designed a 200-foot yacht.

Wearstler graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and began her design business while working a waitressing job in Los Angeles. Her first big break was redesigning the Avalon hotel in Beverly Hills. She went on to design the interiors of several Viceroy Group properties, including the Viceroy in New York. Her clients include Ben Stiller, Gwen Stefani, and Cameron Diaz.

Wearstler’s style is eclectic and draws influence from old Hollywood glamour and Modernism. Her work has been cited by many publications and has won her accolades from TIME and Vogue. In addition to her extensive design work, Wearstler also has a lifestyle brand.

Mark Cunningham

Mark Cunningham studied interior design at the School of Visual Arts and subsequently worked in the retail industry. He spent a decade at Ralph Lauren before setting up his store in San Francisco. Then, in 2002, he teamed up with Sam Hamilton to create the March store. Together, they sourced furniture and accessories worldwide, creating a truly international look for the space.

Cunningham’s projects have been lauded for their uniqueness, blending art, furnishings, and found pieces into unique compositions. His clients range from the Sir and Lady de Rothschild family to fashion designer Francisco Costa. Each project uniquely expresses its personality, but they all share Cunningham’s signature style and discerning eye.

Sarah Earl

Sarah Earl’s unique approach to interior design sets her apart from many other interior designers. Her work is often described as modern with a quirky twist. As a commercial interior designer, Sarah has since branched into residential design. She has been featured in several magazines and blogs, including West Elm’s Front & Main.