Top Celebrity Clothes: Fashion From Your Favorite Stars!

Top celebrity clothes


We first look to our favourite celebrities and the top celebrity clothes to establish the trends in fashion. Their starry photos, whether they are enjoying a stroll through the city, making a movie, or sharing on social media, are the first fashionable sign that something is about to be big and widely recognised in the coming weeks. Celebrity fashion trends in the past two years didn’t go away so quickly, despite the fact that fashion weeks went virtual and airport fashion hasn’t yet recovered. This year, our favourite celebrities used social media to initiate movements and create buzz. Throughout the year, it was impossible to ignore the celebrity fashion trends, which ranged from reviving retro style to keeping fits as billowy as possible.

Celeb Fashion In Bollywood And Hollywood

We’re looking back at the most well-liked fashion fads that debuted last year and were popularised by Bollywood and Hollywood stars.

Top celebrity clothes
Top celebrity clothes

Sequin Saris:

Tamannaah Bhatia, Malaika Arora, and many others wore sequin sarees throughout the festive season of 2020, which saw them rise to the top of the fashion charts in celebrity circles. Glittering sequin sarees in single tones and in ombre colours, which were a Manish Malhotra favourite this time around, were worn in starry events and festive photographs for the season. It was evident that celebrity style was prominent.

Monogram Everything:

Although wearing luxury clothing from head to toe is a status signal in itself, 2020 took it a step further. Tracksuits and co-ord sets decorated with flamboyant, opulent monogramming were a trend that Kylie Jenner and the Kardashian clan helped to popularise. That certainly qualifies as the top status symbol!

Micro Bags:

Big bags were last since they shrunk so much in 2020. They were sometimes utterly unusable due to their small size, but they were also extremely stylish. The micro handbag trend, also known as the little bag trend, was popularised by Sonam Kapoor and others, and it added a lovely finishing touch to an outfit.

Neon Hues:

In 2020, reality may have been grim, but colour schemes didn’t have to be. Celebrities like Ananya Panday and Nora Fatehi wore eye-poppingly vivid fluorescent shades of yellow, green, and pink that stole the show just by their colour.

Baggy Fits:

Fits and silhouettes moved into huge and billowy terrain since there was nowhere else to go but the bedroom, kitchen, and balcony. It was unexpected to see celebs choose larger clothing instead of their usual bodycon dresses. One of the pioneers of the highly comfy fashion can be linked to Billie Eilish and her distinctive baggy tracksuits.

Tie-Dye Prints:

Tie-dye designs and the hippie era have both made a comeback. The breezy print became a mainstay over t-shirts, sweatshirts, and dresses, especially in celebrity-style tracksuits. Many even started making their own tie-dye prints as they had lots of free time throughout the year.

Top celebrity clothes
Top celebrity clothes

Scarf Face Masks:

In 2020, face masks were the most popular safety accessory, but you can count on fashion experts to make them a little more fashionable. In order to increase coverage and give the face mask a beautiful finishing touch, Olivia Palermo went ahead and draped a scarf on top of it. It is hardly surprising that so many people adopted this fashion trend.


When you have a bodysuit, who needs t-shirts and blouses, right? The item became a staple in looks and was layered with skirts and pants for a finished look, as shown on Diana Penty.

Bucket Hats:

The bucket hat was undoubtedly the hottest hat trend of 2020, and Hollywood celebrities especially embraced it swiftly. The bucket hat, which was once a fishing item, was undoubtedly redesigned in 2020 to give people’s ensembles a retro feel.

Mom Jeans:

Skinny jeans are unable to answer the phone at this time. Why? since they are deceased. That is, the tendency. The large, baggy fits that are dominating 2020 fashion also applied to denim. As Deepika Padukone demonstrated, mom jeans can be dressed up or down and may be worn in both formal and casual settings.


You may always go to the runways and your favourite celebs for clues as to what the upcoming big fashion trend will be. The two frequently collaborate because celebrities are frequently the first to acquire new designer items. Stars set the bar for attire this year, whether it was a brand-new coat, pair of jeans, or style of shoes. This year, the focus was on stylish comfort. Stylish puffer coats from Balmain and Rick Owens were worn by celebrities like Rihanna and Billie Eilish, and loose jeans from Balenciaga and Chanel were popular with Katie Holmes and Hailey Bieber (goodbye, razor-thin denim!). In terms of accessories, it was all about fashion and making a statement.