Top 6 Benefits of Using Takeaway Foil Trays and Containers

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It is impossible to overestimate the importance of catering disposables. For takeaway food, you no longer see restaurants or food delivery services using traditional cooking utensils. 

Nowadays, you’ll find most catering events like weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and conferences using disposable food containers. Containers such as takeaway foil trays are both cost-effective and time-saving. The size and colour options for single-use food containers were limited in the past. With so many choices available today, consumers are spoilt for choice. Using takeaway foil containers promotes environmentally responsible consumption, food safety, and cost savings.

Below are the benefits of using takeaway foil containers and trays.

1. Easy to Seal and Wrap

When it comes to food deliveries, safety and hygiene are special when moving the food from its point of making to the customers. The good thing with takeaway aluminium foils is they are easy to fold and wrap, ensuring food hygiene and safety. Aluminium foils can be folded, unfolded and refolded countless times without cracking or tearing. This characteristic makes aluminium foil convenient for use.

In addition to accomplishing good sealing, aluminium foils also help in heat preservation and keeping food fresh for a long time while keeping food from dispersing or becoming contaminated during storage and transport and also lowering the amount of food that is wasted.

2. Safe and Non-Toxic to Use

Takeaway foil food trays are safe to use in take-out restaurants, catering services, food deliveries and other circumstances because they do not include heavy metals or other potentially harmful components. During manufacture, aluminium foil is sterilised using an annealing process that uses a high-temperature disinfection approach to assure food safety and prevent the growth of microorganisms. Also, takeaway tin foil trays do not react with food due to the impermeable oxide coating that forms on the aluminium. 

However, when purchasing disposables for takeaway catering, take caution because some of these products are manufactured with unidentified raw materials, phoney materials, or waste plastics, making it impossible to guarantee their quality or reliability.

3. Prevent Bacterial Growth

The presence of bacteria in food is a major cause for concern. Water and contaminants are the main facilitators of bacterial growth in food. Takeaway foil containers with lids are waterproof and non-porous, which helps protect your food from contamination by keeping microbial and mould growth at bay. Using these containers also helps to reduce the cost of food waste. Until you are ready to serve the food, you can keep it fresh by storing it in containers made of aluminium foil.

4. Extends Food’s Shelf Life, Seals Odour and Protects Food Flavour

Even though they are thin, aluminium foil containers restrict light and other contaminants from reaching the food inside. This keeps the food fresh for a longer period, preserving its characteristic flavour. Takeaway foil trays with lids are also good at keeping odours in.

This makes aluminium foil food containers and boxes ideal for hot and cold chain distribution, catering businesses, supermarkets, restaurants, and family food storage, as they prevent product deterioration and prolong shelf life.

5. Doesn’t Produce Harmful Substances After Heating

Because of its thermal conductivity, you can use a takeaway foil container for refrigeration, food preparation and secondary heating. Aluminium foil has excellent thermostability, which means it can withstand temperature variations without experiencing any molecular changes. Aluminium foil does not deform, shatter, melt or burn at temperatures ranging from below-freezing to extremely high. Also, it does not produce any potentially dangerous compounds while cooking or barbecuing. Using aluminium foil to cover food helps to keep the food from catching fire and releasing potentially cancer-causing by-products. You can also use aluminium takeaway foil pie dishes and containers for high-temperature sterilisation, heat sealing, cooking or warming food in ovens, microwaves, pressure cookers and steamers.

6. Affordable and Can Be Reused

You do not have to worry about costs when using takeaway foil trays and containers in your restaurant, catering business, or supermarkets. Aluminium foil packaging is affordable and less costly.

Also, reusable aluminium foil trays mean less garbage to throw away and more money in your pocket. This helps protect the environment from pollution. Some of them can even be cleaned in the dishwasher, which is a handy feature.

Wrapping Up

Aluminium foil is an inexpensive, durable material that can serve multiple purposes. As a result of tighter regulations on food safety and health and a greater awareness of the need to protect the environment and conserve resources, aluminium foil food trays are becoming a new alternative for use in the catering industry and in the packaging of food. Now that you know the benefits of using takeaway aluminium foils and foil containers, get yourself several takeaway large foil trays and begin the journey to not only conserving the environment but also saving money and keeping your food safe and hygienic.  If you are in need of disposable food containers for your catering business, restaurant, motel or event, visit AA Catering Disposables to get yourself the best quality products.

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