Top 5 Zombie Games


Whether you are into a video game involving zombies or not, you can find lots of games about zombies. Some games include Biters & Bullets, The Last Stand: Aftermath, Resident Evil 2, Stubbs the Zombie, and Zomboid.

Resident Evil 2 remake

Initially released in 1998, Resident Evil 2 is one of the most popular survival horror games. The remake of this game was released on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One in January 2019. Since then, it has sold over 10 million units worldwide.

Resident Evil 2 features several new elements. It also includes a new mode, Fourth Survivor, that allows players to fight as a different character. In addition, the remake also introduces features from Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis. These elements include a board-up window, defensive items, and natural shooting.

In the remake, there are also new enemies, which are more aggressive than their original counterparts. This makes the game more challenging for experienced players. The remake also incorporates the RE Engine, a technology developed by Capcom that allows for photorealistic visuals.


Designed by a British independent developer called The Indie Stone, Zomboid is a zombie survival video game. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world with zombies, an open world, and a complex crafting system.

The game was initially released as a technological demo in 2011 and later released for early access on Steam in November 2013. Currently, in early access, it’s still being actively worked on by the developer.

Zomboid is designed to be fun, and fans have been impressed by its features and sandbox game design. Players have the option of playing solo or with other players.

The game’s features include a large open world, a crafting system, and a variety of challenge scenarios. Each challenge involves a different task and gameplay element.

Dead Ops Arcade

Originally, Dead Ops Arcade was a small mini-game that appeared in Black Ops. But thanks to a recent Cold War update, Dead Ops Arcade has become a full-fledged game mode. You can play this arcade-style Zombies mode solo or with a friend.

Dead Ops Arcade has a variety of features, including a first-person view. You can use your left stick to shoot and your right trigger to boost your speed. You can also pick up powerups and weapons. Each zombie killed is worth 100 points. You can even collect gold bars, which fill a special meter under your score.

Dead Ops Arcade also has a new mode called “The Wild,” a top-scrolling adventure. It contains randomly generated Dungeons and allows players to find treasure and larger areas.

Stubbs the Zombie

Initially developed by Wideload Games, Stubbs the Zombie is a 2005 Xbox game. The game was originally released on November 2005 in North America. Later the game was released for Windows and Mac OS X a month later.

The game is set in the futuristic city of Punchbowl. The city is deemed to be beyond saving by the United States military. The United States military ordered a nuclear strike to obliterate the city, but the strike failed. The zombie outbreak begins. The Quaker State Irregulars are a paranoid conspiracy theorist group led by Otis Monday, a paranoid militia leader. Otis is a farmer who becomes the leader of the militia.

The Last Stand: Aftermath

Despite its shortcomings, The Last Stand: Aftermath is an excellent rogue-like zombie survival game that delivers the goods. It’s a solid, enjoyable experience that will keep you occupied for thirty hours or more.

The Last Stand: Aftermath is a rogue-lite game that puts you in the shoes of a human exile infected with a zombie virus. He’s in charge of gathering supplies, which are in short supply. You’ll have to scour the ruins of civilization to find items and stores. You’ll need to fuel your car and repair it as well.

The Last Stand: Aftermath has a solid storyline and some exciting perks. However, the rogue-like system is a bit too repetitive. As you progress, you’ll encounter more complicated scenarios and mysteries.

Biters & Bullets

Described as a super casual zombie shooter, Biters & Bullets is an intriguing game. It features a variety of creative powerups and boss fights. In the early levels, zombies spawn continuously. However, as the current zombies die, more spawn outside the screen.

Biters can climb rails and dumpsters. They are also capable of climbing fences and cars. Their speed is slow. They can be found in Old Town. These biters are very dangerous to players, especially when in groups. They are also hard to see in dark areas. They can be spotted by moaning, heavy breathing, and being close.

Biters are usually found on rooftops. They are unbothered by players’ presence. However, they have limited intelligence and can easily stumble into the player. In addition, they tend to fall over when climbing. If the player is overwhelmed by biters, it is best to stick to rooftops or retreats.