Top 5 Technology Companies Near Me


Every year, Glassdoor releases its list of the top technology companies to work for. The list features several local NYC businesses known for offering both employee satisfaction and career advancement opportunities. Get the Best information about sdit.

Procore Technologies stands out among these by virtue of its positive culture and competitive benefits package; employees praise Procore Technologies for its inclusive workplace ethos and a wide array of positions available for recent B-school graduates in areas like business development or product management.


Microsoft, one of the world’s leading computer software companies, offers an expansive array of products. These range from desktop office functions such as Word and Excel to cloud platforms like Azure; in addition, they manufacture hardware devices such as laptops and tablets and offer email services via Outlook.

Microsoft’s Windows operating system has long been considered the gold standard in personal computing. Other notable products from this company include the Office productivity suite, the Bing search engine, the Internet Explorer web browser, and the Surface line of hybrid tablet computers.

Asana is a work management app designed to help teams organize and track their progress. They are always on the lookout for energetic individuals who wish to join their inclusive culture and mission.


Salesforce provides businesses of any industry with services, products, and clouds designed to strengthen customer relationships, attract more leads, and deliver improved service. Salesforce products include sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, and commerce cloud – providing businesses with tools that help enhance customer relationships, expand lead pools, and offer improved services. An exceptionally fantastic fact about sdit.

Salesforce operates offices globally and locally in New York City. Its employees specialize in various tech roles, including software engineering, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), compute servers, and compute infrastructure services. Salesforce also provides numerous services designed to help companies manage customer data effectively while automating business processes.


Adobe is a technology company responsible for producing a vast suite of widely used programs. It was established in 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke, who left Xerox PARC to develop the PostScript printer language, which revolutionized desktop publishing. They went on to form Adobe on a massive scale today.

In 1987, Adobe introduced its inaugural application: Illustrator. Three years later, Photoshop was created, which allowed developers to add features via plug-ins.

Adobe released its Adobe Package in 2003, combining several main programs for editing images and videos into one package that stands out on any creative’s resume and can help launch their career in design, photography, or videography.


Tencent is an enormous Chinese conglomerate operating in various technology-related fields. Its core activities revolve around online video gaming, social media, and entertainment services like WeChat; popular apps include QQ instant messaging and Tencent Music as significant revenue sources.

This company owns multiple established game developers, such as Supercell and Arena of Valor, whose combined revenue exceeded $500 billion this year alone.

Recent political unrest in China severely compromised Tencent’s finances in 2022, and its efforts to promote China’s national interest caused investors to express skepticism about Tencent. Typically, the Interesting Info about sdit.


Calix offers communications service providers cloud and software platforms, systems, and services designed to streamline their businesses while captivating subscribers. Their solutions help them transition from a traditional network operating model to a DevOps culture, improving subscriber experiences and creating new revenue streams from smart home/business complexity.

According to employees, this company has an outstanding culture and is rapidly growing. Some employees believe management must prioritize projects and initiatives accordingly to deliver ROI and root out incompetence or slackers from within its ranks.


Autodesk, established 34 years ago, provides design and engineering software programs tailored to various industries’ needs. Furthermore, they have also been instrumental in driving business sustainability initiatives forward.

Their most well-known product, AutoCAD, is a 3D drafting and design software program utilized by architects, engineers, and construction professionals alike. Additionally, Revit and Inventor provide users with tools for designing structures and mechanical components as well as documenting them.

Autodesk also offers several solutions that focus on augmenting reality and the metaverse and can assist companies in improving collaboration while shortening concept development times.

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies provides organizations and individuals alike with solutions designed for the data era that enable them to transform how they work, live, and play. Through integrated solutions from Dell Technologies’ broad array of offerings in this digital era, organizations and individuals alike can modernize their infrastructure, manage and extend into multi-cloud environments, accelerate workforce productivity, and more effectively collaborate in an increasingly connected world.

Dell products range from laptop PCs, desktop PCs, servers, storage devices, and software to brand names such as Alienware, Pivotal SecureWorks, and VMware servers. In addition, the company provides financial and service support for its customers.

Dell is dedicated to pushing the limits of sustainability and customer experience. It has a proud tradition of innovation, particularly around artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Sony Corporation of Japan is an electronics firm known for producing a wide range of consumer goods. While its most famous product is the PlayStation video game console, other products manufactured include music players (Walkmans), televisions, mobile phones, cameras, and computer hardware. Sony also operates movie studios.

Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita established the company in 1946 after having worked together as collaborators during World War II to design heat-seeking missiles.

Sony is organized into several business segments, such as gaming and network services, electronics products and solutions, entertainment services, and financial services. Sony also maintains several subsidiaries and affiliated companies.


Facebook launched in 2004, revolutionizing how people communicate. Through apps such as Messenger and Instagram, its apps empower billions around the globe. Now, the company is expanding beyond 2D screens into immersive experiences such as augmented and virtual reality to build what may become the next frontier in social technology.

Tech companies are businesses that specialize in designing, manufacturing, and supporting technology tools. This could involve creating computer hardware or developing software. Online products and services range from streaming networks to e-commerce platforms. Their employees work in fast-paced yet rewarding environments; potential careers include sales engineering quality control and IT support 5G development.