Top 5 Jumping Activities for Kids

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Every child loves moving freely, using their muscles, and mastering new physical skills. Apart from being super entertaining, exercise is a crucial aspect of every child’s life because it helps growth and development.

Jumping is one of those physical activities that seemingly takes little effort but it actually has multiple benefits for the child. According to the experienced team at Uptown Jungle in Peoria, jumping does wonders for a child’s posture, muscle development, bone growth, stamina, and cardiovascular health. Not to mention it also boosts coordination, balance, and other motor skills.

If you’d like to teach your kid some games that involve jumping, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn which children’s games activate this important skill and make sure your little one reaps all the benefits of this fun workout.

What games involve jumping?

Jumping is such an essential skill that many well-known children’s games include it. You may remember some from your own childhood while others may be entirely new to you. Here’s a list of some of the most entertaining and stimulating ones.

Jump rope

Here’s an unforgettable, timeless classic. It’s amazing cardio and you don’t even need many props to do it. A simple rope is enough to turn a boring rainy afternoon at home into a hoot and a half. A child can play this game on their own when it’s cold outside and none of their friends are available to visit. As they master the simple jump rope technique, they can move onto the more complex maneuvers, like criss-crossing their arms as they jump.


In case you didn’t play it as a kid, here’s how you play hopscotch: You’ll ideally be outside, where you can draw the court with chalk or etch it out in sand. Draw ten squares and mark them with numbers. Usually squares 2 and 3 are right next to each other as well as squares 5 and 6. The kids will also need a tiny object, like a stone or piece of chalk, that they can throw into the squares. The goal is to jump to the object without stepping on any of the lines or entering the square where it’s located, pick it up, and then jump all the way to the final square to successfully complete the round.


Again, there’s very little you need to play this fun, competitive game. Two players should stand opposite each other with an elastic band around their ankles. They need to leave enough room between them to stretch the band out, so that a third player can jump over it. There are countless tricks you can do this way, and some of them are pretty advanced!

Stepping stones

This game is excellent for classrooms but it can be played in pairs or groups of three, four, or more just as well. Even one child can play on their own if you make them race against the clock. It’s very easy to understand, so it can be great for toddlers, too. It’s also simple to prepare. You can use colored cardboard to cut out simple, colorful stepping stones, then stick them to the floor with bluetac.

Tell the children they have to cross the river by jumping on the stepping stone in the order you say. For example, you can say: “Blue, orange, green, red.” They will need to follow these instructions exactly to get to the other side. You can be the crocodile going after them if they mess up. This usually makes them scream in excitement and laugh out loud.


Not really a game, but still a fantastic activity that most kids adore. Take your kids to a trampoline park for maximum safety and protection. They’ll spend the whole day exploring the equipment there and get home ready for a nap!

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