Top 5 CBD Infused Drinks To Try In Summer 2022 

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If you have not yet heard of CBD or cannabidiol, it is the newest superfood ingredient included in various products. Beverages, body creams, ice cream, oils, and even coffee beans are all on the CBD menu.  

What is the explanation for this? CBD has been shown to aid with various conditions, including period pain, inflammation, anxiety, and alertness.  

But how about incorporating CBD products into your regular diet and wellness routine? Yes, one can ingest or use CBD-infused products that follow a safe dosage 

So, what about cannabidiol eatables and drinks? – Yes, you can eat and drink CBD edibles and drinks!! 

CBD is the hot wellness item designed to be incorporated into every facet of our daily routine, from calming CBD bath bombs to fruity delta 10 flower to post-workout muscle rehabilitation CBD ointments, etc.  

We all have our personalized ways of incorporating self-care into our daily routines, and cannabidiol is one of them for some people. But there’s a new hassle-free, easy-to-consume way to get your CBD: surprisingly drinkable beverages. 

Summer has arrived, and we must plan our list of healthy and refreshing drinks for 2022. Here is the list of top five CBD drinks that you must try this summer: 

5 CBD Infused Drinks to Try in Simmer 2022 

We tried out a few of the most popular CBD-infused beverages, from sparkling waters -to nonalcoholic spirits, and helped you get a sense of what to anticipate from your first CBD drink experience. Take a look below:

  1. Recess Sparkling Water

Hemp-infused beverages don’t have to have an earthy, hippie flavour. Recess is sparkling and refreshing, so this CBD-infused beverage is for you if you’re a sparkling water fanatic like us.  

Hemp and adaptogens like American Ginseng, L-Theanine, and Lemon Balm are combined to leave you feeling calm, relaxed, and composed.  

This drink is created with natural fruit, and while we are not a big fan of sugary drinks, these tasted natural and not cloying as corn syrup-sweetened drinks may.  

Coconut Lime, which tastes like a tropical vacation in a can, and Peach Ginger are two of our favourites. They’re also a great canned wine substitute if you aim to drink less alcohol. The Recess sample pack is priced at $29.99.

  1. LifeAid Hemp

LifeAID’s Hemp Blend is ideal for fitness enthusiasts looking for a CBD beverage that isn’t nearly as fizzy as some of the more widely available sparkling waters. 

This product, first released in 2019, has 20 mg of broad-spectrum hemp from Ojai Energetics. This company makes nano-encapsulated CBD oil that is faster-acting and holds more bioavailable. 

LifeAID’s Hemp Blend also contains adaptogens like lemon balm and rosemary, and it’s reasonably priced at $3.99 per 12 oz. Per can.

  1. Neorogan Hemp CBD Tea

This tea could be for you if you don’t mind hemp’s grassy, earthy flavour.  

The organic, non-GMO Danish hemp used in Neorgan’s Hemp Enriched This CBD-infused Tea is a unique blend. It has a light flavor, and if the earthiness bothers you, a little honey and lemon will brighten things up.  

It’s questionable whether the CBD in the drink contributed to how calm we felt after a cup (a lovely cup of refreshing tea is relaxing anyhow). Still, we’d opt for this as a soothing before-bed tonic every night. You can drink it both ways, hot or cold…tastes fantastic anyway. Neurogan CBD Tea (900mg) is priced at $24.95.  

  1. Aplós 

Aplós, a nonalcoholic beverage, was launched in December 2020 by entrepreneurs David Fudge and Jessica Manley. 

Aplós contains 20 mg of organically grown broad-spectrum hemp from New York’s Hudson Valley in each two-ounce serving, and the beverage was designed to “replicate the ritual of sipping a liquor.” 

“We have gotten desensitized to the bad impacts of alcohol because it is so embedded in our culture,” Fudge explained. “Our vision is to create a world where drinking is celebrated for the connection and discourse it fosters, healthier way.”  

They have rebalanced the herbal citrus flavour profile and upgraded their components with pure botanical extracts in their latest batch. The citrus notes have been polished, showing more complexity in the herbal notes and lengthening the spirit’s flavour, including yuzu, rosemary, basil, cucumber, and dandelion. 

Aplós is selling 16 oz. Bottles are currently for $48 directly to customers.

  1. Zolt Hemp Drink Mix  

Consider Zolt your trainer on your hemp-infused beverage quest if you’re seeking a personalized CBD drink regimen. The Variety Pack includes two of seven distinct types of drink enhancers, one for each part of the day.  

Start the day with Rising, a caffeine-rich blend of green tea and guarana; push through a mid-day slump or workout with Boost+, which has 10mg of guarana and 100mg of natural caffeine; and conclude the day with Dreamy, a melatonin and ashwagandha blend.  

Whether you need to recharge, wake up, or find some balance during the day, there’s a Zolt stick for you—and it doesn’t taste like the traditional green CBD flavour.  

Zolt’s complete assorted drinks pack will cost you around $40, with 14 drinks inside.  

The Bottom Line 

Low amounts of CBD are generally considered relatively safe; therefore, moderation is essential. CBD can cause nausea at higher doses, and it may interact with other medications. If someone is on another medication, please consult your medical healthcare expert before CBD products consumption.


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