Top 5 Asian Food Trucks Near Me


There are several Asian food trucks near my location that stand out, including Roll-In Cuban (authentic Cuban cuisine) and Seoul Republik (Korean specialties).

These four food trucks will bring exotic flavors directly to you for any work lunch, birthday party, or wedding celebration!

Big D’s Grub

Big D’s Grub is a New York food truck specializing in Asian/Latino fare, such as bulgogi tacos, smoked brisket burritos, rice platters, and delicious yucca fries. It is owned and run by Dennis Kum (known by many simply as Big D), a native New Yorker who recently left behind his telecom career for a cooking passion!

Big D has an incredible, distinct menu that differentiates itself from other NYC food trucks. Tacos and grinders at Big D’s Grub feature bulgogi, spicy pork, or ginger chicken fillings; in addition, rice platters and breakfast on-the-go are offered; they even provide delicious homemade sauces such as spicy sriracha mayo!

Big D’s offers hearty and satisfying fare that will satisfy your hunger throughout the day. Their signature Vietnamese Shaking Beef dish features marinated chunks of beef served over rice for maximum flavor! Additionally, I found their bread fantastic: not crusty yet still soft and chewy – an experience well worth repeating.

Warung Roadside

Warung Roadside offers a varied menu featuring tasty dishes made with high-quality ingredients and flavors, such as pad thai and satay as signature dishes, chicken curry, and grilled vegetables – available for delivery or catering services.

Warung Roadside’s owners are experienced restaurateurs who aimed to create an inviting space where customers could come and go at their leisure without needing reservations or making advance plans. Their food reflects the culture of New York, and they’re proud to be part of its restaurant scene.

Warung (old spelling wrong) is an Indonesian term for convenience stores that range from modest shacks to simple cafes. Many specialize in one dish that draws customers in from across the island – some famous ones can even have special menu items!

Warungs typically offer a range of goods, such as cold bottled drinks, snacks, candy, krupuk (an Indonesian confectionary product), daily necessities like soap and toothpaste, and some limited food items. Larger warungs may function more like traditional restaurants with individual tables and chairs available for customers to dine in, while these smaller establishments typically provide bar seating or bench seating instead of unique table/chair arrangements for their patrons to eat at.

Terry and Yaki

Terry and Yaki offer its visitors a delicious menu. You can order perfectly cooked sirloins, sweet fries, and yaki udon here. This restaurant can be found near Sculpture Center for an enjoyable dining experience – earning it a 4.4 rating on Google!

This restaurant provides an array of halal food items. Additionally, they provide vegetarian dishes and offer an expansive drinks selection. Their staff can easily explain the menu and accept orders; consumers are satisfied visiting this food cart. Read some reviews below to gain more insight.

Terry and Yaki offer online ordering of their delicious food as well. Enter your address to see if their delivery radius includes you before selecting from their menu items to schedule delivery at a specific time of day.

Queens Food Truck is NYC’s first halal Asian food cart, serving traditional Asian-style rice bowls and salads featuring teriyaki chicken and vegan tofu for lunch breaks or after work snacking, catering events or providing their delicious flavors to Fifth Hammer tonight for Fifth Hammer Night Market! Don’t forget their loaded sweet potato fries as an additional tasty option.


Deejay is a family-run Thai restaurant offering delicious cuisine in an airy space with a bar and outdoor patio seating. Offering both vegetarian and vegan menu options with quick, friendly service.

Deejai Thai Cuisine can be found at 613 Providence Rd in Charlotte and offers delicious pad thai and other Asian specialties for lunch and dinner service, delivery/pickup service, accepting all major credit cards as payment and delivery and pickup orders.

Deejai means “to find,” people with this name possess an insatiable thirst for knowledge and truth. With an analytical mindset, these individuals enjoy scientific matters, philosophy, mysticism, solving problems, and discovering life’s secrets – often doing so through compassion for others – they find solace when listening to sad tales or stories from loved ones.

Social gatherings come alive with these vibrant individuals’ lively ideas and quick wit. They enjoy challenges and entertaining people; these high-energy individuals need an outlet for their nervous energy. However, they’re susceptible to mood swings, so they should take steps to maintain good health.

Deejai is available for delivery or pickup through Postmates. Enter your address to see if their delivery radius covers you; schedule a timed delivery at checkout once there!