Top 20 Country Songs : You Will Definitely Fall In Love With!

top 20 country songs


There were a tonne of fantastic top 20 country songs that came out this year. There are many incredibly brilliant musicians currently producing music in the country music genre, regardless of whether you’re a traditionalist or prefer the pop-country sound.

Something In The Orange by Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan’s “Something In The Orange,” released in April and propelled by its success on TikTok, is one of the biggest country releases of the year. This song is amazing and evidence that there is a sizable demand for more traditional country music.

top 20 country songs
top 20 country songs

Circles Around This Town by Maren Morris

The song “Circles Around This Town,” which was co-written by Morris and her husband Ryan Hurd, became a critical and commercial triumph because of its eminently catchy melody and very human lyrics.“Way of the Triune God” by Tyler Childers

“Way of the Triune God,” a song by Childers that is on her triple album Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven, has swiftly become a call to action for many of her admirers to rediscover their spirituality.

She Had Me At Heads Carolina by Cole Swindell

On “She Had Me At Heads Carolina,” Cole Swindell pays homage to ’90s country with a parody of Jo Dee Messina’s timeless tune. The two collaborated on a remix of the song, which was published in November and really brings the melancholy of a song like this home.

Thank God by Kane Brown

Kane Brown’s wife and fellow performer Katelyn Brown joins him on this ridiculously adorable duet to sing about their love for one another. It might be a touch corny, but this is the kind of tune that will forever serve as the background music for first dances at weddings.

The Kind of Love We Make by Luke Combs

The second song from Combs’ critically lauded third album Growin’ Up, “The Kind of Love We Make,” has a little more R&B flavour than his prior releases.

High by Caitlyn Smith

Ballads like “High” are the reason Caitlyn Smith has long been a favourite among alt-country fans, especially since the release of 2018’s Starfire.

Oklahoma Smokeshow by Zach Bryan

The highlight of Bryan’s unexpected EP Summertime Blues, which he released in July just a few weeks after the release of his acclaimed album American Heartbreak, is “Oklahoma Smokeshow.”

Brenda Put Your Bra On by Ashley McBryde

Although “Brenda Put Your Bra On” is funny, the entire album is worth listening to.

Doin’ This by Luke Combs

Combs is a great voice at his strongest on “Doin’ This,” the first single from his third full-length album. It also has the impression of being a genuine distillation of his everyman echoes.

Flower Shops by Ernest

Ernest’s song “Flower Shops,” which was influenced by the vintage melancholy of the great George Jones, charmed even traditionalists in the country genre who could be dubious of a one-named up-and-comer like him.

Last Night Lonely by Jon Pardi

The main track, “Last Night Lonely,” is a distinctly contemporary love ballad from Pardi’s critically praised 2022 album Mr. Saturday Night. It was a No. 1 smash on country radio and should be on everyone’s playlist for 2022 country music.

top 20 country songs
top 20 country songs

Til You Can’t by Cody Johnson

Although it was officially released in October 2021, Cody Johnson’s “Til’ You Can’t” became a huge smash in 2022 and won the Single of the Year prize at the CMA Awards.

Strange by Miranda Lambert

This era of high prices and political unpredictability seems especially suited for the 2022 song “Strange,” which is absolutely 2022.

Heart of Stone by Whiskey Myers

The band’s superb album Tornillo from 2022 is jam-packed with songs like the standout “Heart of Stone.”

Handle on You by Parker McCollum

The track’s August release suggests, perhaps, that McCollum is composing a sequel to 2020’s critically praised Hollywood Gold.

Son of a Sinner by Jelly Roll

With the rock-infused song “Son of a Sinner,” which has become enormously popular with fans, the hick-hop rapper turned legitimate star has topped the charts this year.

Heart Like a Truck” by Lainey Wilson

The song “Heart Like A Truck” by Lainey Wilson accomplished it well, even though country music doesn’t need any more songs about trucks. Wilson’s strong voice really makes the metaphor stick in the listener’s mind.

I’m Just A Clown by Charley Crockett

For those interested in learning more about one of the most intriguing new singers in country music, “I’m Just A Clown,” the album’s fantastic 2022 release, is a great place to start.

Cypress Hills and the Big Country by Colter Wall

Colter Wall, whose skill is on full display in the idyllic “Cypress Hills and the Big Country,” is arguably the most knowledgeable person in the world of farming.


Above we discussed 20 of the most popular and popular new country songs of the year below. This collection has something for every fan of country music, from Maren Morris to Tyler Childers.