Tips to Identify Safe Toys for Kids

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Playing with toys is a great way to learn and bond with friends. And as a parent, you have to buy the essential toys for your kids to play with. However, it is crucial to analyze the toys you buy for your kids and check for potential hazards during their usage. Thousands of kids get injured while playing with toys, and that’s because of the negligence of the parents and authorities who allow the manufacturing of these kinds of toys. 

It would help if you bought toys that are 100% safe for kids to play with, and Lifespan Kids Toy is a great example of safe and quality products.

Manufacturers should follow specific guidelines and indicate the detail of the toys they make. There must be proper labelling on the toys so that the parents know about the safety standard. When it comes to very young children, parents have to be extra careful about the toys they buy for them. 

Here are the guidelines to keep in mind while shopping for kids toys:


Material and labeling

● The toys made of cloth/fabric must have a label indicating flame resistance.

● Stuffed products/toys must be washable.

● Toys that have paint should use lead-free paints.

● Toys used for painting and colouring must have a non-toxic label on them.

● Crayons and paints must have the standard and label that the Australian government has evaluated and advised for safety.

● The toys mustn’t be too loud.

Age group and kids behaviour

● Buy toys as per the kid’s age.

● Always read the label for the age group that can play with the toy.

● Also, consider the child’s habits, behaviour, and temperament whenever you buy toys.

● Even if the child is advanced in thought process or intelligent compared to kids of the same age, never provide the kid with toys meant for the older kids. Kids may become smart, but buying toys can be hazardous for their age group.

Keep toys safe at home.

● Purchasing the right toy for the right age is necessary, and keeping those toys safe at home is too.

● Toys that can cause slipping or stumbling should be kept in places where kids can’t reach.

● Toys that emit light, such as kids’ tablets and gadgets, should be kept away at night to avoid alteration (blue light from screen) of a kid’s sleep cycle.

● Teach kids to place the toys in certain places where they are safe and away from the walking path.

● Outdoor toys with rust must be repaired or thrown away.

 Report unsafe toys

As a parent and a civilian, you must report the cases of unsafe toys if you come in contact with it. It will help the authorities to take appropriate actions against the toy store and manufacturer.

Some toy manufacturers make sure the toys are made according to the government’s guidelines. Lifespan Kids Toy is an example of a product that follows the guidelines properly; you can see the labels and certificates in the package.

Buying toys with kids is an amazing feeling, and surprising them with toys is an even more joyful activity for parents. With that joy, you must also ensure the safety of the toys. Always check the labels, and consider the age group of kids that can play with the toy.

Safe toys mean happy kids in a secure environment.

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