Tips to Get Clients While Working as a Whole Timer at a Corporate Office


While working at a corporate office as a whole-timer, you can do online freelancing as well. It will give you immediate backup to improve your living standards. You don’t want to leave your current job. Remote workers are proactive, and they have their online workstations to do freelancing jobs in a carefree mind. Get good clients who must deliver regular assignments to you. They are also reliable to take care of you by offering higher flat rates. Try to keep in touch with the best food manufacturing companies, multinational organizations, and online business conglomerates to find smart jobs as full-timers.

Basics for You to Find Best Clients Online While Working Full Time

Search for Potential Online Clients:  You won’t have to visit some offices to find efficient clients who must not fail to pay you. Potential overseas clients are available on the internet. You must be a regular visitor to track different sites, including social media portals like Facebook. At first, you must be ready to clear a couple of projects free to let your superiors test your efficiency. During the conversation, you must emphasize quality, deadline, punctuality, and other good parameters that inspire your clients to hire you. 

  • Well, create a few sample models for submitting online. If required, you must share these sample assignments with clients to prove your expertise as a freelancer. Click here to know about the current status before the start. 

Keep Your Ambition Higher:  You should not limit your income. Therefore, always keep energy available for making tie-ups with rich clients who have no stress to offer you handsome remuneration. 

  • However, as a beginner, you need to take a few assignments for completion. You should not expect exceptionally higher rates. If you have talent, you must be selected by clients who don’t hesitate to pay freelancers for good works. At the same time, you should remove weak points and loopholes which must be destructive to obstruct your development.


  • Create an Excellent Profile for Self-promotion:  You are not a world-famous celebrity. It would help if you struggled to compete to have dependable clients for managing freelance tasks. How will others know you? The best way to go closer to global clients is to post a complete personal profile with bundles of sample tasks you have done meticulously. Your online profile is a roadmap to enable new employers or bosses of large corporate sectors to be familiar with you. They will evaluate your quality before committing to selecting you. Briefly describe yourself, stating your positive aspects, which are inspirational to please clients in the long run.  Best moving companies check the profiles of the employees to assess educational qualification and technical background for shortlisting process. 

Go Viral:  Launch a solid email campaign with good leads to catch big bosses side by side with your day job at the office. It would help if you optimized a personal blog or e-commerce portal for self-promotion. 

  • Use various referral links and email addresses to communicate with employers/online clients (both domestic and overseas). Be emotionally associated with social media networks to do your business branding as a freelancer.  

You must be bold and determined to do deep research to explore the vast billion dollars worth of the virtual freelancing market. 

You must have better workouts and plans to become dear to clients who will rear you up by providing good assignments in higher volume. In this connection, join social media groups and online virtual forums to find the best job as a full-timer.

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