Tips on how to Name & Date Pc Folders & Files With regard to Fast, Effective Organization

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Efficient storage of your computer files is directly tied to how we assign names to records. Knowing how the computer sorts records based on the date format is a huge time saver. No person teaches us this, and we need to get it somewhere. This can be the place! Having a reliable technique consistently on your computer will save the average person practically hundreds of hours annually. To learn how to password protect folder on windows 10 click here

‘Microsoft’ Office Online (2003) affirms: “Statistics show that you can help the amount of time you spend finding along with filing data by up to 50 minutes a day through an effective referral system available. ” [The one-on-one link to this quote is provided at the bottom of this article. ]

That’s a whopping 300 hrs a year! (Above, when I stated “hundreds of hours, inch you thought I was coloring, didn’t you? )

So it is worth taking the time to apply for a strong computer filing program.


When identifying a file, you create specific details that will be significant to you in the future to help remind you of the file’s content material or function. For example, the invalid filename would be “agenda. doc”; a better name is actually “091207_Christmas_Party_Agenda. doc” – the actual date is given in order associated with year, month, and day (Dec. 7, 2009) for the best sorting purposes and a suitable description of what’s within the file is used, so the document doesn’t have to be opened to find out its contents.


Why should you list dates through “year, month, day”? Computers categorize documents and folders numerically by computers, which means you will benefit most by naming files with figures for dates rather than brands. This list demonstrates how you are affected by various date options:

  • 3-09…………… When sorted, follows “10-09” (the computer thinks “1” comes before “3, very well, so it doesn’t sort properly).
  • May 2009…….. When arranged, follows “June 2009” (“J” precedes “M” – will not sort properly).
  • 06-2009………. Any time sorted follows “05-2009, very well but also follows “05-2010” (sorts correctly for a year, but not for following years).
  • 2009-12-07….. When sorted, uses “2009-12-06 and anything before (yr., mo., day styles correctly).
  • 091207……….. Also, styles correctly. This is the preferred particular date format in the entire computing world. If your files precede 2100, then you’ll have to use the 4-digit year (“1999” comes ahead of “2000, ” but “99” comes after “00”).

Some people question, “Why put a date from the file name when the particular date can be seen in the ‘Details’ exhibit of folders and records? ” The obvious answer could be the date displayed by the computer system may not describe the particular date of the event, but rather is the date the file came to be or last modified. Yet another answer is that you may want to form a long list of files by a particular date, and it’s easier to look at a single column instead of two.
To show how a computer stores along with sorts files or versions, let’s say you went to Cedar plank Point Park, OH, for any vacation on July twenty-nine, 2005 (which I do, and you can see my sub-folder of images from the article I just mentioned). How you set up the day is critical to the entire program since the computer sorts within an unfriendly, robotic fashion. You might have flexibility here, but you have to decide on a system and persist. You can’t label with a few months first because the computer instantly sorts alphabetically, which means your months would be in this purchase:

  • April
  • August
  • December
  • Feb
  • January
  • July
  • June
  • Mar
  • May
  • November
  • October
  • Sept

Not very helpful, right? Instead, to work within the computer’s variables, you could put 2005 after which the month and day, in this order:
2005, This summer, 29th

So it’s year/month/date within computer language. (The yr 2010 will follow 2005 on this system. ) That’s the best way, but I prefer for you to shorten it, to make it appear like this:

05, 07, 30

That’s “05” for 2004, 07 for July (the seventh month), and 30 for the day. When you put them together, it’s:


Then I increase the description after the particular date:

050729 Cedar Point Playground, OH

The system typically uses the date as the sorting process, then adds a description of the activity or event to the particular date. You have the freedom to provide as long a description as necessary that you should identify the event.

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