Tips on how to Drive Traffic to Your Website and produce a Successful Business



Within the online network marketing world you need to survive, think of yourself as a small seafood in a big ocean.

Avoid relying too much on search engines like google, simply because it sounds too simple, remember the big guys available will have the advantage they have a lot of money, therefore, they will be using large means.

Financially you cannot contend with them, so you have to think of a solution to survive.

You need a great strategy to be noticed on the web and believe me, will not happen by pure fortune.

I have read on several community forums where people, saying oh yea this guy is very lucky, I must disagree here because fortune has nothing to do with it.

Maybe in some instances, someone is lucky in a way that he/she used a great technique without even knowing they are using it, we can contact that luck YES!

However, technically speaking it is not luck.

A few looks at the strategy in the purchase should be applied.


Great domain name

Good website content material

Good Optimization

Using search engines like google

Good titles

Good Running a blog content


Great Articles


Good domains

Many people have their sites ready to go but they have very little or any traffic at all, sometimes from the lack of knowledge and encounter

The reason is that few conditions never have been met, and there are many issues still to be done to activate the traffic, but many of us have to bear in mind that traffic generates, and it does not happen right away.

The first and most important thing to which some people seem to not shell out a great deal of attention is the “domain name” and its relevancy to their business.

I must admit initially when I first started I did the exact same issue, but I learned in recent times that the domain name’s pertinence is crucial as far as the search engines order.

I’ll give you some examples, claim if you are selling DVDs and you would like to draw traffic to your internet site, you need something in the elements of cheap DVDs, home Dvd videos, DVDs online, online Dvd videos shop, etc …

That way search engines like google are more likely to notice your website, nevertheless, this is not the only thing, a few other issues need to be added and coordinated

Good website content

Just what good website content? Effectively it means that you have to fill your internet site with relevant content towards your business, and to what your buyers would like to know and to what exactly they are more likely to be looking for, the harder information you can provide these people the better is, even search engines like yahoo will crawl and search engine spider a good original content.

Fine optimization

Search engine optimization also known as SEO is very important along with significant techniques, the keyword phrases the Meta tags plus the titles of your Web-Pages are necessary.

You need to do some research, on precisely what keywords are used by your opponents, to get their websites placed and indexed on search engines like yahoo such as Google, Yahoo, BING, etc …

But you should not be utilizing the most popular keywords, because the much more people use the same key phrases the higher the competition will be.

You don’t need to want that, you have to search for the keywords that are less utilized in order to have some traffic aimed your way, try and use resources like this one, this is a free as well as an excellent tool, and it will recommend what keywords you should and really should not use.

Remember probably the most used keywords the more competitors you will be facing.

free keywords. word tracker. com/

Using search engines

The majority of marketers use the PPC pay-per-click, which is a very powerful technology in order to direct traffic and it can cost a lot at the same time, you first need to understand exactly how it works.

If you open a free account with a search engine such as Search engines, you will be using a PPC known as AdWord, but then there is no make sure your ad will be shown at all.

As I pointed out earlier the big guys come with an advantage here they spend big money to get their advertisements indexed and their websites rated in Google’s first three or four pages.

So what chance have you got when you are paying $100 for your personal ads or campaign?

You may use other popular and less expensive search engines such as 7search, where you have got to more chances to be observed.

One thing to remember and incredibly important, you are a small seafood in a big ocean, in addition to finding a way to survive.

You also need to understand that there are two types of the web marketers

The ones that will try to promote your product whatever it takes, and they could not care less, whether or not you succeed or not, almost all they are interested in is to in order to money away from you as well as move on.
The other type may be the one that would go full size with you, and help you as much as this individual possibly can, why? He possibly is a nice guy and has now been there, loves to help people, or maybe he wants to keep a superb image and knows that word-of-mouth marketing is a very powerful tool.
Consequently, by keeping you happy and aiding you, you will eventually spread the word in the favor

Good Titles

Excellent titles are a known simple fact that they attract visitors, in addition to search engines love them.

In the event you put on a good title, people will be interested to read more and discover more because the title searched attractive, of course, it needs for being followed by good content.

Regardless of what you are writing about so long as you give good information to your followers, an article, a Web page, an announcement letter, or an email, the title is the first thing your prospect will find.

So it’s always a good train to keep that in mind, along with the more you do it the better you can become at it.

Very good blogging content

Blogging is one of the effective ways to spread your current articles and ideas and get linked to as many websites and directories as you possibly can.

Online Today the more blogs an individual frequents the better it is, bear in mind quality content is essential.

You can even do you have your own blog if you have a web hosting service account or a server, you could download and use your unique blog instead. You can use discussion boards all means are good to have noticed and basically offer your knowledge and experience.

You will end up surprised how people are eager for information, no matter what niche or perhaps topic you are providing information regarding, there is always someone who needs your data, or who would benefit from your own personal experience.


Whether guess what happens an auto responder is not really, one thing for sure is the best way to create what we call quality leads, possible leads.

I will explain why the particular auto-responders are vital to your success. one of the major auto-responders I will mention here is the next.

Please see the link bellow

And Simply click on the link stated earlier you will be redirected to the auto-responder’s website

Auto-responders will allow you to create your opt-in list and generate qualified prospects and potential prospects.

You really need to join an auto-responder, you don’t have to utilize this one, but you must have the auto-responder account.

That way you could build your own team, your individual system, your program, keep in touch with the prospects, and so on, they are awesome tools.

Autoresponders are really necessary. With some autoresponders, you can even invest in what we call co-registration, which means, the audience will be contacted on your behalf to join your newsletter as well as opt-in list.

Good Articles or blog posts

A good article is mainly a story that is needed by people, it is an article that is brimming with information that people can use in addition to reuse, you need to provide readers with links, resources, and thoughts on how to save money in making their businesses, we all know any time you start building a business, it will take a substantial amount of money to be used especially if we don’t know the best places to shop.

Sometimes we can get items that are free and in several places and we end up spending lots of money for them other folks!

And that’s why it’s so important to publish good articles, that you can pull from your own experience, and you can assist people to make good decisions.

By giving good links, free assets, and so on, and by doing this your current articles will eventually recognition and mostly read simply by readers over and over again, above all

An excellent word spreads rapidly.

And so the bottom line is to be truthful and also honest with your readers in any other case sooner or later it will come back and also bite you.


The partnership is probably one of the most important or even the most important aspects of all the things I use mentioned so far because constructing a good relationship with your followers, prospects or clients is necessary for the survival of your small business.

Do not treat people seeing those numbers or statistics, suggest to them that you really care and you usually are here to help them with anything that might arise.

Keep in touch with them, find out if they need help, the way they’re doing it, etc …

By means of finding out what their needs usually are, will allow you to better shape your enterprise.

And a good business generally takes time to take off, don’t think all these so-called “gurus” by means of selling you the real solution that will make you rich in a couple of or hours, there is no these thing.

Always try to generate improvement, because remember the particular golden rule, there is always an area for improvement, no matter how excellent the system might look to an individual.

And building a good partnership with your prospects, will help propagate the word, and that is a tool that will not be priced, recommendation is the best tool ever! Because people typically trust people they realize.

I personally think if you adhere to these steps in the right buy you will succeed and you should avoid all the so-called “gurus” out there who are imagining having the silver bullet option for getting you rich together with a few clicks of a mouse button it is untrue!

As I said just before it takes time to build a very good business, and if you are willing to put in some effort, and some purchases you will succeed, it’s merely a matter of time you have to be a sufferer and keep at it.

Recall one thing you might learn from a lot of people, but you have to develop your individual system.

For example, my method is not guaranteed that it will help everybody, it might work for a number of others and not for others.

So you will happen up with your own way of undertaking things, your own originality can be your trademark.

I know that often you might think it’s almost impossible, nevertheless believe me you will get right now there in the end!

I wish all the audience a big success

I hope this assists

And please do get in touch if you have any questions regarding this article or any other problem, even if I don’t have the reply I will search for it for you.

I’ll be happy to help.

These contact details:

adbasque@gmail. com

Ismail Berraoui.

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