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we take these 5 things with us after death. What are those 5 things..? Why do we take only these 5

It is not uncommon to mumble the traces of coming bare and going bare, simply darkness between coming and going, life wants the sunshine of devotion, vithalana must be celebrated for liberation. We might have heard that what we don’t take with us after we enter the world, is what we don’t take with us after we go away the world. However, based on the scriptures, we take these 5 issues with us after loss of life. What are these 5 issues..? Why will we take solely these 5 issues..?

You’ve gotten typically heard individuals say that when an individual dies, that individual takes nothing with them. No matter materials pleasures that individual experiences throughout his lifetime are momentary. Puranas, Vedas and different scriptures clearly state in them that even after an individual dies sure issues go along with him until the subsequent delivery. There are particular issues that should be paid for in an individual’s subsequent life. So allow us to see what are the 5 such issues that go along with an individual even after loss of life.

Data of that individual

Data separates an individual from negativity. Having a robust information will allow you to realize your personal distinctive id and affect different individuals. Subsequently, the information you get earlier than your loss of life might be extra helpful to you. The truth is, it’s believed that the qualities that an individual learns whereas he’s alive stay with him even after loss of life. So dedicate your time to studying good information and virtues. It is usually talked about in Bhagavad Gita that information and charity by no means perish.


It’s mentioned in non secular scriptures that debt by no means leaves an individual. If an individual has achieved you a very good deed, he ought to clear his debt as quickly as he will get the possibility. If you don’t repay somebody’s debt, you’ll be in the identical debt the subsequent delivery. Within the subsequent life you’ll have to pay that debt in any type. Additionally, in case you have given a mortgage to somebody and that individual dies earlier than repaying the mortgage, you’ll have to take delivery repeatedly. Subsequently, it is rather necessary to die debt free earlier than loss of life.

Lust and attachment

Based on the Shastras, one needs to acquire one thing and if the individual dies earlier than acquiring it, the will for that object doesn’t go away him even after loss of life. Lust is the will for worldly pleasures. A narrative about lust can be instructed within the Vishnu Purana. King Bharata was very keen on his fawn. He provides up his life occupied with it. Within the subsequent life, the king himself needed to take delivery as a deer. Subsequently, want and lust shouldn’t be allowed to dominate your thoughts. Additionally, don’t be overly connected to something.


It’s mentioned within the Gita that human life can not exist with out motion. Each second the person does good and unhealthy issues. When loss of life approaches, whether or not an individual attains happiness or distress within the Hereafter is set by his actions. These end in good and unhealthy leads to the subsequent life. It’s mentioned that karma doesn’t go away an individual till 7 births. An instance of this may be seen within the Mahabharata. When Bhishma, mendacity on a mattress of arrows, requested Lord Krishna why he had met such a loss of life, Lord Krishna reminded him of an incident 7 births in the past. Bhishma picked up a useless snake and threw it on a thorn. Attributable to this, he needed to sleep on arrows in his final moments.


You’ll have typically heard out of your elders that charity and advantage by no means run out. It is usually talked about within the scriptures. In life, if a stranger helps you, it implies that they’re repaying the charity and dharma you probably did in your earlier life. Subsequently, one ought to proceed to offer charity. Then they go along with it even after that individual’s loss of life.

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