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Often the Healthiest Year of Your Life has Mike Adams, founder of the Consumer Wellness Center in addition to an online retailer, Better Lifetime Goods. As an author in addition to the speaker, Mike’s mission should be to spread the message connected with natural nutrition and treatment.

Kevin: Here’s what scares us a little bit here and take a look at start talking about dairy, mainly because it’s a big argument, or merely even like people are pretty much dogmatically either believe whole milk is what they need to eat, as well as they dogmatically believe that decades something that you should eat in any respect. What are some other things that we have to really be cautious about when working with milk and cheese and also things like that?

Mike: Properly, the first thing we should be cautious about is actually what you hinted at. Will be certainly sort of a psychological impetus. This is a well-known phenomenon in human psychology, which is that will tend to find reasons to rationalize their own behavior. So if we could drink milk right now and also we’re enjoying it, we’re going find reasons to support that will and if we’re not ingesting milk and just avoiding just about all dairy products entirely, we tend to locate reasons to support that and tend to be dogmatic about that, also. So there are very few folks in

the center, but the 1st point is to take a close look at your own psychology and enquire why am I supporting this specific, or not supporting it. Exactly what is behind my decisions? Put simply, most people drinking milk must ask themselves why am I ingesting milk? Why do we take the water from another species that may be infant formula? Let’s be apparent, be plain, and be manifest about this. Milk is the newborn formula. Why are we taking that will and processing it? Wish homogenizing the milk excess fat. Why are we killing it? All of us are pasteurizing it to wipe out it so that it can be put on the market and then consumed by mankind, adult humans.

In other words, the reason we are, as adult human beings, having infant formula for a furred, bovine species? That’s the authentic question. You can honestly determine that question and start analyzing it and then you can make much progress into this issue, but if you act like you have resistance to that very thought because you’re enjoying your current milk with your cereal each day, then you’re not ready to go lower that path yet.

Sooner or later, hopefully, you’ll be ready and you will check it out. You can start looking at the matter. Now, here’s the conclusion that will I’ve come to. I may do any dairy at all anymore, other than fermented raw milk. I only do that from time to time, but my conclusion is the fact processed milk is very hazardous to human health. I do believe the epidemiological studies have actually shown that. There’s a publication called The China Study what a good one to look at it this talks about that.

Secondly, fresh milk that is fresh, place milk, right out of the cow, once it’s fermented hence the proteins are more digestible and a living food that can be incredibly beneficial to human health. This is why, you can’t just say dairy products are this, or milk is definitely bad. You have to look at several profiles of milk. Discover living milk and then discover dead milk. Dead dairy products, dead, processed milk if you ask me just like dead, processed treats. It’s very dangerous to your well-being, but living milk is compared to eating sprouts in a way. They have alive. It’s got friendly vegetación in there and it’s more comestible in that way. Those are the results that I came to, but I actually
always invite others to be able to draw their own conclusions. I actually drank milk most of my life, but I certainly may touch it now except if it’s fermented and uncooked and fresh milk. Thus how’s that, Kevin?

Kevin: It sounds great. When it comes to dogmatism is just questioning the best way to cope with the answers, or just looking into more, because I see that across the board. I see it coming from people who eat steak and also eggs for breakfast, to people who also eat nothing but 100% uncooked food even to the point where they will only eat one certain food at a time and they may eat anything else. To me, it would appear that each side is almost too firm.

Mike: I think the main thing I encourage people to do will be skeptical consumers and
constantly question their own beliefs. And we need to have this philosophical overall flexibility. Otherwise, we too come to be stuck in our own means and we become dogmatic and therefore drive everybody else nuts. Not a soul likes a vegan this marches around insisting this everyone else has to be vegan just like them.

So I always promote people to take their own vacation to discover things on their own as the meantime I’m content to hear some of what I uncovered. It doesn’t mean that it specifically is going to apply to you. The opposite thing, Kevin, is offering to be sensitive to what our physical structures are telling us. Whenever we are sensitive, then we can easily experiment with these dietary improvements. We can try milk to get 30 days or try not any milk for 30 days to check out which one feels better. Actually, I used to do something. I would fit this on the website and concern people about a 30-day whole milk-free diet. Just concern them. You’re going to live quite a few, many decades. Take a period and go without dairy products and see what

happens. Find out if they have better, or worse the ones would write me once every 30 days and say, “Wow. My sinuses cleared up. My very own constipation went away. My bones feel better. I have more strength. My acne disappeared. micron It’s just one benefit after a different and my answer in to them would be, “That’s good. Now that you discovered that, which will way do you want to live your life? ” It’s simple at that point for those people. Many people chose to live without milk. There may be others out there who are the immune system to the negative effects of dairy products for some reason, so maybe they get no benefit and that’s okay, too.

The important thing is to hear your body and be aware of what sorts of effects you are getting. They have that feedback mechanism. Should you have a health goal of exactly where you want to get to, how do you know in case you are getting there? You know simply by paying attention to what your body is hinting and then you can just commence experimenting with your diet, or together with nutritional supplements, or super food items, or exercise, or sunlight, or meditation, yoga, Yoga. You name it. You can put all these items in and find out what’s earning a living for me and that becomes the foundation for personal growth.

Kevin: We’re shifting gears directly into supplements now. How do you know? You can find hundreds out there and I recognize how easy it is to make health supplements lie. What kind of knowledge is it possible to impart to everyone to clarify the whole process and what it will take to make something really good?

Henry: Okay. I’m going to reveal any secret here and this is definitely one of my little market secrets of how I know who also to trust and who also to recommend. First off, you have to look at the ingredients, which are obvious. You look at what happens in the supplement. A lot of health supplements are junk. The form of vitamin B12 they use, for example, will be cyanocobalamin, which is a cyanide particle combined with a cobalamin.

Kevin: Okay.

Mike: Not a good factor. So I can look at a brand and see what level of quality they may have for
that supplement. One other is the source. If you’re considering herbs, like Chinese herbal treatments in particular, you don’t want them to be found in China probably, because Trying to find them in China. I communicate Chinese and I know what continues over there and it’s a few scary stuff.

Kevin: Truly? With mercury and business lead right? That’s two of the best issues.

Mike: Not only that, however, I’ve even seen instances where, for example, black sesame seeds were not really roasting sesame seeds. They were simply white sesame seeds that were coated with black printer ink. The stuff I’ve observed, you would not believe this.

The third thing is, this is a key part. This is why I visit trade shows because I can fulfill the person and when I see that individual I’m assessing their wellness. That is the founder of the company, the CEO. Could they be healthy? Are they vibrant? Tend to be their eyes clear? What exactly is their level of health in case they’re not healthy, I avoid recommending their product. I am looking for really healthy individuals with fantastic ingredients.

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