the Waltz of the Bikes

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Are you able to see your self getting round your metropolis on a motorcycle? Possibly after seeing this movie, you will increase your concepts of what you and a motorcycle might do collectively.

We might have a metropolis bike tradition like this one we see in Amsterdam, that’s if we actually wished it.

How? 1. Prohibit automotive entry and sluggish all site visitors down.
2. Favor bikes with secure paths, crossings and parking.
3,. Persuade our current cyclists that they do not need to sprint round head over heels in Lycra, their heads down as if each trip was their final. They do not make it look inviting. if you wish to practice or race, do it elsewhere.

4. Favor the sit-up bikes you see within the Waltz as a result of the stately posture they permit is safer and the bike itself extra handy for carrying issues, Certainly the entire expertise is simply very pleasurable which is why the Dutch and the Danes select bikes as transport

All of the pains within the neck and shoulders, which many individuals think about are inevitable on a motorcycle, simply do not occur with these bikes.

5. Be sure that Bike Share schemes just like the Velibs in Paris and the Bixis in Montreal arrive in our Australian cities.

These schemes are one of the simplest ways to quickly increase city biking since they make utilizing a motorcycle like this, (they’re all sit–ups) fully trouble free.

So, see you on the streets of our reinvented metropolis, hopefully !

Within the meantime, the Large Suede is a superb sit-up bike which isn’t to dear. For extra on the Dutch method of using, watch, Speaking to David Hembrow. on my weblog.

Thanks, by the best way , to Violeta Brana-Lafourcade for her very good digital camera for this movie and the one on David.
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