The Sunshine Hotel in Ubud, Indonesia


During the late 1990s, the Sunshine Hotel in New York City became a hot spot for media attention. The hotel’s 125 residents were the focus of numerous radio and film documentaries. The hotel was closed in 2002 but is still a popular tourist destination. It has an art gallery, and an underground restaurant, and is now open as a bed and breakfast.

Character profiles of the residents

Among the last vestiges of a bygone era is the Sunshine Hotel. The building was a storied landmark in downtown Minneapolis. The iconic facade features limestone pediments and wreath emblems. Its lobby boasts an art gallery. There are also plans for a restaurant on the corner. The building was a hub of activity for hundreds of down-and-out New Yorkers. By 2008, it had fewer than 30 residents. In the future, it will be transformed into luxury housing. The new owners are offering to buy out the current residents.

The Sunshine Hotel has been around for eight decades. Its facade features a series of plaques, wreath emblems, and pale yellow bricks. The building is now owned by the Bari family, who are also the owners of Pizzeria Equipment across the street.

125 residents lived in the hotel

During the late 1990s, media outlets began to take an interest in The Sunshine Hotel, a single-room occupancy hotel in New York City’s Bowery. The hotel had been owned by Carl Mazara, who began running it in 1946. The hotel opened its doors to 125 residents in 1998. The hotel’s facade featured limestone pediments and wreath emblems.

The hotel was one of six flop houses remaining on the Bowery. The hotel was located two-thirds of the way along Third Avenue. In 1998, the hotel raised the rate for rooms from 10 cents to 10 dollars.

The Sunshine Hotel had a runner, Bruce Davis, who ran errands for the residents. He was also the hotel’s front desk relief clerk. Some of the residents lived at the hotel for years.

New restaurant

Located a few doors north of the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Sunshine Hotel has just gotten a new restaurant. The space was previously home to the former Prince Restaurant Equipment. It’s also the new home of salon 94, which opened in the summer. It’s a great addition to the neighborhood and will be an interesting spot to eat.

The new restaurant is owned by Motorino chef Mathieu Palombino and his partner Dimitri Vlahakis. The Sunshine Hotel has also recently had a new restaurant, Salon 94, open in the building. The new restaurant will be in the Sunshine Hotel’s annex at 245 Bowery. It will be the first restaurant in the area to serve wine, and it will also be open late.

Art gallery

Among the various attractions of the Sunshine Hotel in Ubud is a museum-quality art gallery. Not only is it an impressive display of works by renowned artists, but it is also a launching pad for several days’ trips into the awe-inspiring sights of Ubud. Aside from the art gallery, guests can also enjoy several other facilities such as the 24-hour front desk, laundry facilities, free WiFi in Ubud, and round-trip airport transfers for a surcharge.

The Sunshine Hotel is also slated to be converted into luxury housing. As such, the hotel is already working to improve its public spaces. It is also planning on adding another restaurant to its corner. It will also be putting up the granddaddy of all art exhibits.