The SEO Consultant Shares Precisely how “This Class Was Suspended! “


One day an entrepreneur showed the chalkboard presentation looking to read to 7 men and women, one of them acted on the data and retired wealthy inside of one year. He went on to write down international best-sellers textbooks that have been translated into many languages. The other 6 people invested the rest of their lives because of worker bees and are possibly dead or dead out of cash!

Soon it will be your chance to make a decision based on the same details. Read closely as the man on the chalkboard was the one who took action and talked from experience.

This information is really threatening that in 2009, right after he was invited to deliver this at a major university, the actual hierarchy at that same organization censored him. In fact, this particular “Class was Banned”.

Chalkboard Presentation

There are two “Economic Plans” in this world today — The 40 Year Strategy and the 4 Year Strategy

The 40-Year Strategy:

It’s a giant Pyramid System in which the top 1% command 95% of all assets. That is certainly how a Pyramid works that is a statistical fact with regard to North America.

Fact: The Drones Do All the Work and the Top-notch, even if their companies be unsuccessful, get multi-billion dollar total annual bonuses, that flow through the bottom 95%.

For half a century those that are in power get hidden from the fact that the forty-five Year Plan is a Pyramid and denied that the Year Plan is the very last bastion of the free entity.

Those engaged in the forty-five Year Plan are a bit more than digital sharecroppers and virtual worker bees who have grown so tired that they have virtually given up.

“DO NOT!!!… there is an option.

Within the 40-Year Plan, basically, you become what I would contact a “Drone” a “Worker Bee”. Statistically, this is what occurs.

At age 25 most of us have feelings of direction and at age 67 there is a very interesting statistic that is caused – after 40 years. Intended for 40 Years the average person goes back along with forth to work, back and forth, between the two like a silly sick caged lion. And after 40 years of this plan, it does not matter, Drones are Drones, your consistency may be a little blue top with a name tag, it can be a white coat plus a stethoscope, and there are different outfits for different drones. But these men and women go back and forth to work for four decades of the 40-Year Strategy. Here is the compelling statistic, of all the 100 Americans who begin at age 25 with a feeling of direction, by age group 65, 31 are lifeless, 68 are broke as well as 1 person is individually wealthy.

The 40 Yr Plan is what we train and what our kids have been educated for years and years and years. It’s hokum compared to the 4 Season Plan. Now please know, here is the lure of the forty-five Year Plan, it’s referred to as Compound Interest. And the technique that works is if you can get your fingers on $100, 000. 00 and go through 5 periods of life that each very last 8 years.

Remember Element Interest means that your money increases every 8 years. If you could get your hands on $265.21, 000 dollars at age twenty-five. Let’s say that you work hard through age 22 to age group 25 and you get your hands on which $100, 000 dollars, this is actually the beauty of it.

Here is what a person earns in the 5 yr cycle – its identified as Compound Interest and it is like the Drones and Staff member Bees make their money inside the 40 Year Plan:

very first 8 years cycle sama dengan $ 200, 000

2nd 7 years cycle = money 400, 000

3rd 7 years cycle = money 800, 000

4th 7 years cycle = money 1 . 6 million

sixth 8-year cycle sama dengan $ 3. 2 zillion

which gives you $12, 000 a month for retirement.

Allow ask you a question. Is there $100, 000 cash in your checking? Do you think that you experienced $100, 000 in verifying, or in savings that one could put in interest be aware of five – 8 calendar year cycles so you can retire having $3. 2 million us dollars, and bye-the-way if you started out today that $3. a couple of million in 40 years, using the cost of living increases and typical inflation at current costs, would be worth about $700, 000. In other words, you’d be better off living below the poverty stage if you stayed on the 45-Year Plan!

Now that is actually what the 40-Year Program is all about!

Now what happened seemed to be, this guy steps up to the blackboard and he erases the 30 Year Plan and changes it with the 4 Calendar year Plan.

Is a clear solution to traditional capitalism that offers super fast and dramatic monthly salary tied to legitimate products or services as an alternative to investments that fund Chemical substance Interest?

It’s possible to fail as well as succeed in either plan although there are two huge variances.

1) Fail at the Year Plan and you are generally out a couple of hundred money and a few months’ worths of involving effort.

2) Fail with the 40-Year Plan, similar to what 99% do, and your went to an elderly dormitory you want to run out the clock playing “Bingo” for toaster ovens using oatmeal dribbling down your own personal chin.

Succeed in the Four Year Plan and you nicely on your way to being wealthy within 40 months.

Succeed in the actual 40-Year Plan and will also be able to pay cash for your hearing aids and the electric trolley you will be using to get around Walmart and hear the nice woman or man on the noisy speaker announce the sale about “Jell-o”.

The 4 Season Plan is so fascinating mainly because it allows people to basically have a go at a program that will allow them to purchase better products at home which might be shipped to them on a regular basis and turn wealthy in 4 decades instead of tying your possessions to any kind of security, real estate property, investment or financial market expert. There is no principle to deal with, there is no problem, and essentially it is called Principal along with Interest.

The 4-Yr Plan and which shocked me personally when I saw it, allows saying it costs $250. 00 to become a representative of an organization that markets products that you will be excited about and that everyone currently uses. Toothpaste, shampoo, cleaning soap whatever I am a great believer in re-directed spending instead of behavioral modification.

Let’s state you get 12 people within your first year, who all expend $250. 00 to get started and are also spending $100 a month on products themselves, but they are definitely not because every person they create for $250. 00 that they earn say 40% (they get $100) from that nice kit.

If you bring in one particular person a month for a season you then have 12 those who bring in 1 person who is usually shopping for free for $265.21 which creates $1, two hundred in volume.

In the second year that 12 gets 144 (the Federal Industry Commission and the Regulators from the government hate it whenever you try and pretend that there is a mathematical certainty of development, there will not be, you might have to obtain 150 people to find 16 who will stay with you).

And so let’s just be honest at last, the 4 Year Prepare is as it implies, you will find a lot of money in it, but it will probably be hard hard work.

You have 16 people who are capable of getting one particular person a month, now you get 144 people at $465.21, do your own calculations.

Subsequently, in the 3rd year, anyone just got 1 person, along with again, they will not, I am only giving you an idea here, you would probably have 1, 600 men and women at $100. You can do the maths yourself, get out your online car loan calculator.

There are hundreds of companies; all of them pay different amounts with assorted overrides in commissions. The thing is in the 4 Year Strategy your Capital is linked with a “Proprietary Funding Vehicle” and its principle is attention rather than trusting someone within the financial industry to invest your hard-earned money in WorldCom or Enron just in time for the failure.

And in the 4th yr and this is why we call this the 4-Year Strategy, you would have roughly twenty, 000 people at $265.21 a month. I am not doing any income projections, escape your own calculator.

Some businesses are going to pay you on these types of 20, 000 people a %, maybe 2 – five percent some are going to pay you 8% but get your calculator out and about and run the quantities. In the 4th year, you could have 20, 000 product shoppers who are ordering $100 monthly for their families to use, you will be sitting on 20, 000 x 100 which is $2 million in the backwoods involving Missouri and I guess it’s in your hometown too. The actual math is what would you get is about $2 million a month, Exclusive Funding Principal of Interest which comes to you by FedEx.

Typically the 40-Year Plan is designed for Drones, and I do not attention to what uniform you are using if you are working 60: 70 hour weeks, combating traffic and carrying a cellular phone. If you are tethered all day into a wireless feed drip regarding irreverent garble, like a text message machine, if your twitting, hello, switch to the 4 12 months Plan!

Your getting this info for free, the reason you are configuring it for free, is because the speaker of the presentation cannot trust you in this day and age, he could be censored and banned, from coaching this to a graduate Economics class in a major school. That is how scared the individuals in Power are connected with you finding out what he/she found out in April connected with ’86.

One fact is not debated, the man delivering that chalkboard presentation decided to be a part of the “New Game”, with 11 months he was gaining enough to semi-retire and also move to an Aspen Snowboard home. Since then he has trained 1, 000’s people around the world and written several very best sellers.

The person who directed one to this presentation is in The Plan or you would not end up reading this. Switch Plans and also change your life or overlook this message like the 6th others who saw that at the same time it was presented in addition to staying the same.

Most of the people that ignored this chalkboard appearance are now calling the public speaker for help. Unfortunately, they get wasted years, so we want you to Change Plans Currently!

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