The pros and cons of driving a hybrid car


When it comes to cars or vetura ne shitje automatik, there is a lot of confusion about hybrid vehicles. A hybrid car doesn’t mean it is a fully electric car; it uses two or more power sources to drive the vehicle; that’s why these types of cars are considered more environmentally friendly.

Hybrids are cars with a petrol or diesel-powered combustion engine and an electric motor powered by a battery. A hybrid is a combination of two things – a machine powered by fuel, and a motor, powered by electricity from a storm, which you must keep charged up, just like your phone. 

Hybrid vehicles are growing in popularity more and more, but still, a few people are using them. This is because of a need for more information about how hybrid cars work or whether they are as good and efficient as regular cars.

Fuel economy

Generally speaking, Hybrid cars have better fuel economy than petrol or diesel cars. Hybrid vehicles should be considered gasoline-powered cars that have excellent fuel efficiency. These types of cars are starting to become more affordable for the average driver

Before we lay down the pros and cons of driving a hybrid car, we should tell you about the types of hybrid vehicles that can be found.

There are two main types of hybrid vehicles: regular hybrid and plug-in hybrid.

Regular Hybrid HEV

A vehicle that features a fuel-consuming ICE and a battery-powered electric motor. These vehicles have a high voltage battery pack and a gas tank. The battery of this kind of vehicle is self-charging, where kinetic energy captured when the car slows down or comes to a stop is either transferred to the battery for storage or transferred directly to the motor for immediate use.

Mild Hybrid MHEV 

The electric motor battery is much smaller than a standard hybrid; therefore, it only assists in a very mild capacity.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) 

The first significant difference between a PHEV and a standard hybrid is that PHEVs use the battery-powered electric motor as the chief source of power, with the ICE only there to act as an emergency backup should you run into problems and find yourself out of charge. This means that the battery of a PHEV is more extensive, and this type of car, as the name says, needs to be plugged into an external power source to be charged, like a home socket, wall box charger, or a public charging station.


Fuel Efficiency

These types of vetura ne shitje kosove don’t use as much gasoline as regular cars, so you wouldn’t need to fill up your tank as often as you would if you drive a standard vehicle. This will lead to significant gas savings.

The braking system helps you use less fuel.

Hybrid vehicles use a unique braking design known as regenerative braking. This works by capturing the energy generated during braking and feeding this back into the battery, helping to increase its charge and reduce fuel consumption. Unlike their gasoline-only cousins, this means hybrid cars get much better mileage from the constant stop-start of city driving than they do from highway driving. Driving through the city means constantly slowing down and braking, which on the other hand, there will be a continuous flow of power back into the car’s battery.

Excellent Warranties

The warranty of a new hybrid car is usually considerably better than you will get with a gasoline-powered vehicle.

Hybrid cars are very quiet.

Hybrid cars are far quieter than regular gasoline cars. You may even wonder if the car is on at all. Sure, you will notice when starting the engine, but it will be quieter than a conventional car.

Maintenance costs

When driving a hybrid due to the technology used to create this type of car, you will notice that the gasoline engine is not running most of the time; as a result of that you won’t need to change oil as often as you would driving a regular car. Thanks to the regenerative braking system your hybrid car’s brakes will last longer. With all this the maintenance cost will significantly reduce.


More Expensive 

These hybrid vehicles, such as vetura ne shitje prishtine are far more expensive than regular conventional vehicles. There is no word that you will save a lot more once you buy a hybrid because of the lower maintenance cost and fuel efficiency. So you will have to save more to buy a hybrid car, for some people, it will still be just a wish on the wish list.

More to Repair

If some problem appears with your vehicle, you will have more areas for your mechanic to look over and diagnose. For example, there could be problems with the electric motor or the gasoline engine, meaning you’ll be spending even more on repair costs for these parts.

More expensive to insure

It will cost you more to insure a hybrid car than a conventional one. Since hybrids are more expensive to buy and the parts for this kind of car tend to be more expensive, the insurance is also more costly.

Lying down the pros and cons of driving a hybrid car can help you make up your mind about buying one or not, it is up to you to decide whether to own a hybrid or a conventional car, but nevertheless, if you are looking for hybrid cars and still thinking if you should buy one visit and maybe you could make up your mind for hybrid or any kind of vehicle according to your needs.

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