The Guide To Major Pros And Cons Of Rent Appliances In Mumbai

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Relocating to a new destination is definitely time-consuming and challenging; you need to move your appliances from one place to another. However, moving all your belongings will definitely burn your pockets if you’re shifting from one city to another. Is this an opportunity to offer rent appliances in Mumbai?

Taking home appliances on rent is catching pace, especially in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.

Is getting home appliances on rent really beneficial? When you’re talking about advantages, disadvantages are also there, including renting home appliances.

Today, we’ll discuss the major pros and cons of taking home appliances on rent.

Let’s Start With The Pros Of Appliances On Rent

  • Super affordable

Taking home appliances on rent instead of purchasing definitely won’t make deep holes in your pockets. By taking home appliances on rent, you’re actually saving money in the longer run.

Such appliances are often in brand-new condition and maintained well by the rental companies. Above all, some rental companies usually provide lucrative offers like free upgrades to new and existing consumers.

Overall, if you’re planning to relocate to a new destination for some months, taking rent appliances in Mumbai is recommended.


  • No transportation charges

Home appliance rental companies often provide multiple offers, including free transportation charges. When purchasing or shifting your existing appliances, you may have to bear the transportation charges.

For example, if you’ve shifted to a new city and relocated to a new apartment in the same city, the company sends a support team to save you the transportation hassles.

As a result, when dealing with home appliances rental companies, you don’t have to think about the transportation charges.

  • Easy Replacement And Repairs

There are often cases when your rented appliances stop working or experience technical issues. In such cases, you don’t have to worry, just call the rental company and describe your issue.

The technical support team will reach your doorstep at the earliest and resolve the entire issue. Either the appliance will be repaired, or you’ll get a replacement quickly.

Above all, you get free routine maintenance and repair services throughout the rent period.

Let’s Have A Look At The Cons

  • Cannot Expect A Personal Touch

While getting home appliances on rent, you often get to choose from a wide range of variety, but you can’t expect a personal touch.

For instance, if you’re interested in getting an air conditioner on rent in Mumbai, you don’t get the handpicked color and décor options. As a result, you can’t decorate your personal space as per your preferences.

  • Hidden Costs

Some rental companies put hidden fees in their contracts. In the case of any home, the appliance stops working; you might have to bear the entire or partial repair charges.

  • Not budget-friendly in the longer run

In the long run, renting appliances is quite expensive and not recommended. If you’re planning to live at your new location for some years, purchasing is better than renting.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing or taking home appliances like an air conditioner on rent in Mumbai depends on your needs. The rental agreements can make your appliances expensive in the longer run. If possible, save money and buy your own appliances if you’re living at the same place for some years. If not, renting is a good option.

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