The best way to Write and Design a new Slide Presentation With OpenOffice Or NeoOffice Presentation Sorcerer


If you think you need to have MS PowerPoint to prepare an excellent presentation, I’ve got to disagree respectfully. There is also a free alternative that does just as well, if not better.

OpenOffice (OO) and its Mac-version NeoOffice (NO) are two astonishingly powerful and complete office packages with their built-in Presentation Course called Impress, which in my judgment, is as good seeing that MS PowerPoint. And… furthermore, it happens to be FREE. Search for “OpenOffice” and “NeoOffice” on Yahoo or google to download them from other respective sites.

Here is how to make and prepare a great appearance using OO or NO Appearance Wizard.

Select the Text File option from the OO/NO food selection to display the word processor.

Pick File > Wizards > Presentation from your menu to display the Send Wizard. (Note the Page, Fax, Agenda, and Website wizards as well! )

Or perhaps alternatively, you can also directly pick File > Demonstration from the OO/NO menu. That will also display the same Demonstration Wizard.


Around the first screen (numbered 1) of the Presentation Wizard, it is possible to select from one of the following about three types of presentation: a) Clear Presentation, b) From a Web template, or c) “Open Present Presentation. ”

a) When you select Empty Presentation selection on SCREEN 1, you click Next and go to the other wizard screens. (See SCREEN 2)

b) If you select From Template option with SCREEN 1, the sorcerer allows you to select from one of the two main built-in business web themes available: Introducing a New Solution and Recommendation of a Tactic.

This same screen allows you to opt for a Presentation Background: Black, Blue with Orange, and Subtle Accents (my particular favorite).

You then click Future and move on to the other sorcerer screens. (See SCREEN 2)

c) If you open a present presentation, the wizard will help you browse for it on your disk drive. Once you select and present the presentation, the sorcerer will often carry you the full-fledged editing window with the Impress application.

There, just as in MS PowerPoint, you could select from a variety of Master Websites, make any text edits you want on any trip, including a dizzying array of artwork elements, call-outs, and images, and perhaps manipulate the images (like turning, etc . ) The number of steps you can take both to your presentation format and the individual slides themselves is too long and has to end up being experienced in person to be liked. (All that from a without-cost application! )

NOTE: The two OO and NO open virtually any MS PowerPoint presentation, obviously, without any problem! And once most likely through, you can again help save them in MS PowerPoint format, and no one would ever before know the difference.

Click Beside advance to the next screen.


On the second display (numbered 2) of the Demonstration Wizard, you are allowed to decide on a Slide Design.

Here this seeming repetition may confuse several users since the wizard once more asks you to select a Demonstration style and Presentation Record, the same options offered inside SCREEN 1. However, that is not a repetition of an individual choosing the Clear Presentation option in the previous display.

SCREEN 2 also lets you select from one of the following Result Medium options: Original, Cost to do business sheet, Paper, Screen, Glide (my personal favorite).

Simply click Next to advance to the next display.


This is where the enjoyment begins because you be able to choose from a bewildering selection of Transition Effects, yeah!

The issue drop-down list presents you actually with over two dozen transition options like “Wipe Down,” “Uncover Left,” “Wheel Clockwise, 3 Spokes,” and so forth. If the Preview checkbox beneath the mini-preview window is determined, you can quickly see each of these effects as you pick them out!

The Speed drop-down collection allows you to select one of the several available transition speeds: Slow-moving, Medium, or Fast.

After that, you can decide whether you’d like to improve from one slide to another automagically (manually) or Automatically.

If you select Automatic, the sorcerer also allows you to select the Life long Page and the Duration of Temporary stops between the slides.

Press Next to advance to the following tv screen.


On the latest screen (numbered 4) with the Presentation Wizard, you happen to be typing in the following general format information:

What are your identity and the name of your corporation? What is the subject of your appearance? Do any further ideas to be displayed?

Click Next to advance to another location screen.


For the fifth screen (numbered 5) of the Presentation Wizard, you can select the pages you want to display as a part of your appearance.

You will be offered a dynamic list of webpage options depending on the combination of the choices you made in the earlier screens.

For example, if you pick the “Introducing a New Product” web template in SCREEN 1, in SCREEN 5, you’ll have these page options:

Title, Long lasting Goal, Customer Wishes, Rewarding Customer Needs, Cost Research, Strengths and Advantages, Subsequent Steps of Action.

When, on the other hand, you select the “Recommendation of your Strategy” template in DISPLAY 1, on SCREEN a few, you’ll have the following page alternatives:

Title, Overview, Long-Term Target, The Present Situation, Development Around the present, Potential Alternatives, and Recommendation.

NOTE: No matter which sort of page list you are offered, you can always select and un-select each page to further customize your slide presentation.

After making all these choices, an individual clicks the Create button to visit directly into the full-fledged enhancing window of Impress.

And as soon as you are there, you can more or less consider every editing action that can be found in MS PowerPoint, which includes selecting from a variety of Grasp Pages, making text edits on any slide, along with a dizzying array of graphics factors, call-outs, images, and you can also manipulate the images (like turning, etc . ) to suit your style and needs.

This editing eye-port further offers you the alternative to the office in the following editing ways:

Normal, Outline, Notes, Handout, and Slide Sorter.

You may not know how powerful and complete that free presentation program is until you use it.

When performing, you can select File > Save As from a menu and save your appearance in over a dozen formats, including (but certainly! ) MS PowerPoint.

The best Presentation wizard and plan from a fully-equipped office fit that costs you zilch, absolutely nothing, nada.

Go ahead. Whip up this excellent Presentation in no time to impress your boss and your audience today!

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