The best way to Take Advantage of the Buyer’s Market


Body fat doubt in anyone’s brain that we’re currently inside a buyer’s market for property. It has been a buyer’s industry for 3-4 years today and looks like it will keep on at least until some time next season.

So what do you need to know and perform to take advantage of this?

First, you should determine if it makes sense for you to obtain it at this time.

If you are purchasing a home for your personal use, if the primary residence or vacation/second home is due to a relocation or perhaps similar reason, I could identify that it would make sense if you are in a very financial position to do so.

If you are obtaining for investment purposes solely and are in a financial position for this and understand that you are looking at a new long-term investment rather than a “fast money” scheme – I could truthfully also see that it would comprehend for you to do so.

Once you’ve motivated that you do want to buy now, you must address one of the most important ways in being prepared to take advantage of this customer’s market: getting the financing for one purchase worked out. In my experience, the most beneficial deals will require that you have the preapproval letter for a loan as well as proof of funds for an income purchase, and in many cases, they will be expected with any offer you send.

The most fatal error to get buyers in this market is if she is not prepared well enough to act easily when they find the right property or possibly a great deal.

Let me tell you about only two of my clients’ experiences this last month to emphasize now.

In the first case, I had fashioned a client come down from The us looking for a great deal on a property with a good Waterview sometimes of Tampa Bay or perhaps the Gulf. I found the perfect bargain for him and mailed him the listing within a week of the condo coming into the market industry. He came down the below weekend and was quite excited about the condo and asked me to call typically the seller’s realtor the next day about putting in an offer. While I called I found out that this had just gone underneath the contract and in the week it was on the market had a number of offers submitted on it.

Generally, there really was not much we could do since my client does have to come down here to find out it, but if it had not already gone under the agreement he would still have had two barriers that would have probably prevented him from obtaining this deal. The first is without having his financing fully organized. The second was not recognizing a great deal it already had been – he wanted to get it for much lower compared to what it was listed for. I will go into that in a moment.

The second case was a customer who had been looking for months for your perfect house and then I discovered one at a great price tag. I emailed it to her right away and after we spoke I called the agent for you to clarify if it needed ton insurance. I got the info the next time (a Monday) and got into contact with my client and we specified to see it Tuesday soon after work. It was everything this lady was looking for and in her range of prices. I called the agent along with she said they actually had 2 offers throughout (after only being out there for 3 days) nevertheless that we didn’t have to hurry to get the offer in since the owner was relocating for any job and wouldn’t possess confirmation on the job until Thurs.

We put in a full-cost offer the next evening having a large deposit and little less than a half downpayment. My client has been wondering if we should find out if we could get it lower however I told her that it was currently priced extremely well and that when we were competing against some other offers her only opportunity would be to make the strongest present possible.

I won’t go into the gory details but it ended up dropping to 2 offers (my client’s and one other) plus the realtor said that they were so close that it would probably prove to be a coin toss about which one was chosen. This lady felt ours was a very little stronger (because the other present was with a VA loan). Unfortunately, the sellers hand-picked the other offer, and even their very own realtor couldn’t understand the idea – they said they decided to go with it because it came in initially. Needless to say, both my client and u were pretty frustrated with regard to the outcome. We did lastly get something and pulled ahead of several others to get this (email me if you want the facts on how we did it).

I bring these good examples up because a lot more false information that simply because it’s a buyer’s market retailers have to negotiate down, or even that properties don’t market quickly and that you should take your time and effort. Actually, that is true occasionally BUT not for great properties which are priced well or for yours that are a great deal.

Let me sum up some key points if you want to take full advantage of the buyer’s market:

Nearby recognize an exceptional deal, you will not ever get one.

If you don’t act quickly and offer a strong offer when it is worth it to find an exceptional deal, you will probably lose it.

If you aren’t entirely prepared with your financing prepared, including preapproval or proof funds letters, you won’t be capable of acting quickly enough on an extraordinary deal.

There are exceptions to this particular but in my recent experience, I’ve found that these hold real more often than not.

Lastly is the place I brought up when I defined what happened with this Canadian client. It also comes along with the second bulleted point earlier mentioned.

When you find an exceptional offer, don’t lose it because you believe you can get it for a great deal less since the sellers “are probably desperate” or “they’ll probably take less due to how the real estate market is doing”. There are times when you can negotiate with the seller or bank upon a property and times when it really is already priced so well that it may be snatched up rapidly at the listed price. A person either needs to know enough to identify this or listen to her own realtor when they tell you this particular (especially when they provide adequate facts to show this is the case).

Ideally, this will provide you with a foundation on which you can proceed successfully with your real estate purchase so that you never allow the right time to buy to slip apart.

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