The Best IT Companies in Jacksonville


The best IT Companies in Jacksonville help businesses achieve their goals by handling IT issues promptly and efficiently. This will help your business to grow and remain competitive.

Duos Technologies, Inc. is a transportation technology company that combines mechanical, electrical, and industrial engineering with computer science to develop railroading technology solutions. These include security systems powered by artificial intelligence, automated gatehouse and rail yard services, and remote inspection options.

Quadrant Information Security

Quadrant Information Security, based in Jacksonville, Florida, is an enterprise IT security company that protects sensitive data. Founded in 2011, the company provides managed detection and response (MDR) and security services to businesses, enabling them to maintain a secure environment.

The company provides security consulting, real-time monitoring, security assessments, full-service deployment, and threat management. It also offers a security analytics platform named Sagan that gives visibility and accelerates threat detection.

Located in the US, the firm is led by Ian Bush and caters to technology, healthcare, PE/VC, government, insurance, etc. It has a solid past performance and highly skilled security professionals.

The security services are backed by its proprietary technology, Sagan, an all-inclusive information security ecosystem that offers real-time identification, validation, and notification of malicious activity at both the log and network levels. It will leverage the growth equity investment from Worklyn Partners to hire more security analysts, engineers, developers, and consultants and continue evolving Sagan as the leading platform for security analytics.


Jacksonville is a fast-growing city home to various innovative tech companies. This is a great place to start if you’re looking for a new job in the industry.

AntiSyn is a local IT company that specializes in providing computer and network support to businesses in the Jacksonville area. Their team of IT experts is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your technology investment.

They improve the reliability and security of your computer networks and reduce your IT costs by lowering downtime at a fraction of the average cost. They also help protect your business from cybersecurity threats by implementing the latest technologies and security standards.

Their IT solutions and services include Managed IT Services, Cloud Setup, Server Repair & Maintenance, Data Recovery, and more. They can tailor their IT solutions to fit your unique needs and budget.


TruTechnology is a Jacksonville-based IT support firm that serves small businesses and nonprofits. They provide IT management services that allow clients to focus on business rather than worrying about technology issues.

They offer managed networks, cybersecurity, unlimited remote and onsite IT support, technology planning, and public, private, and hybrid cloud hosting. Their services are fast, secure, and affordable.

Their mission is to ensure that their customers are always on the same page and have a reliable IT infrastructure. The company’s IT services help businesses improve productivity and reduce the risk of data breaches.

They provide software development and IT security solutions for businesses in the health and fitness, retail, automotive, social networking, entertainment, and staff augmentation sectors. They also create new products and services that address challenges in these industries.

Seal Cyber Tech

Seal Cyber Tech is an IT Company that specializes in outsourced IT services. They offer services like Cloud and Data Management, Cyber Security Compliance, Server Support, Data Recovery and Backup, Computer Repairs and Upgrades, Malware Removal, Networking, and more.

They are a full-service IT Company based in Jacksonville, Florida. They have a team of highly qualified professionals who can help you save on your overheads and grow your business in the long run.

This Company is a leader in cutting-edge research, products, engineering, and integration services in the Internet of Things (IoT), Edge, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Industries. They provide a full suite of cybersecurity capabilities, including managing extensive data, protecting data from threats, controlling access & mitigating vulnerabilities, reducing costs, ensuring compliance, and validating & testing applications for both the Federal Government and Private Industries.

Seal Cyber Tech recently won a $168.5 million contract to build a holistic defense cyber weapons system to assist the Marine Corps in its cyber operations. They will develop a flyaway kit with tools to analyze vulnerabilities, map key cyber terrain and respond to incidents.