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If you prefer more spontaneous travel with your private jet, then empty-leg flights could be the ideal solution. These one-way trips can only be booked upon demand but could save a substantial amount.

If you are flexible with your schedule, finding a route that matches up may come quickly – though beware that last-minute changes could occur!


Luxaviation, one of the leading private aviation companies worldwide, recently unveiled a live charter travel management app aimed at streamlining customer travel experiences and eco-friendly charter management by carbon-offsetting flights or booking empty-leg flights that reduce emissions by up to 80%.

Luxaviation’s new app lets clients track their bookings from confirmation to arrival and view aircraft specifications in detail. Luxaviation plans to release additional innovative tools throughout 2017; its fleet currently consists of over 235 aircraft, including prominent business jets, mid-size jets, and light jets, as well as VIP helicopters; moreover, it operates over 20 wholly-owned FBOs worldwide.

Luxaviation provides aircraft charter, sales and acquisition, maintenance services, and sales and investment for business or leisure travel. Its charter services give clients access to private jets and helicopters for business or leisure travel, while its sales & acquisition services help clients buy or sell private aircraft while maintenance ensures optimal conditions for private planes owned by its clients.

Since 2008, CITATION Jets has developed into an international network with over 50 offices spread throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. Our fleet of CITATION jets offers seamless air transport solutions for entrepreneurs, businesses, and world leaders.

Luxury private jets are tailored to meet the specific needs of their clientele, providing more room and comfort than commercial airlines while boasting an array of amenities. In addition, many luxury private jets can refuel during flight to save time and money; their industry is rapidly expanding, with global market expansion anticipated at 15% over five years.

Luxaviation will only use personal data collected via cookies or other methods with your permission and will never rent or sell this information without informing you beforehand. This privacy policy provides further details.


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Jettly is a startup that aims to make flying private as straightforward and hassle-free as booking a hotel room. Through its website and mobile app, travelers are connected with General Aviation aircraft owners who offer rides for as little as $500 an hour; subscribers to empty leg flights may save up to 70% off regular charter costs; group charter flights such as business meetings or weddings can also be provided through Jettly.

The company operates with an instant quote model that it claims will help it compete against traditional brokers and has already expanded to the UK and Canada, where representative offices have been opened. Justin Crabbe believes his company’s simplicity, transparency, and direct-to-consumer pricing will appeal to tech-savvy millennials.

Jet-setters can use their search engine to quickly locate the ideal flights worldwide by filling in flight details. Users can filter searches based on aircraft type, safety ratings, and amenities, view the Air Operator Certificates of each operator, and read customer reviews. Should they require further assistance, they can utilize the platform’s live chat or contact a concierge for help.

Jettly’s booking system makes booking flights effortless for passengers. Customers can access an instant quote from any partner of Jettly, view aircraft options available, and see discounts at over 1,000 premium outlets nationwide as well as JET MILES membership benefits like nationwide discounts at select outlets nationwide; members also enjoy receiving welcome packages as well as priority phone, email, and chat support services.

Though some critics have accused Jettly of artificially inflating its prices, most claim they are lower than brokers would offer. On the downside, however, many have lamented the 10% platform fee charged per flight booked through Jettly that is charged per transaction as being quite excessive.

Jettly’s founders have devised a business model that allows their customers to choose from over 23,000 aircraft across 190 countries and territories, giving travelers who wish to fly privately but do not possess sufficient liquid assets to access VistaJet or other significant players an affordable way to do so.

Private Jet Charters

Private Jet Charters provide an ideal way to experience luxury travel at a fraction of its cost, offering discounts of up to 75% for operators and passengers alike. Furthermore, this form of aviation helps reduce its environmental impact by filling flights that otherwise go empty.

Private jet charters are often utilized for long-haul journeys between New York and Los Angeles or Las Vegas; however, they can also be used for shorter-haul repositioning flights due to weather, traffic congestion, or other reasons that force cancellation of scheduled flights by airlines, should this occur, empty flights will cost the operator money; therefore it’s wise to be flexible with your dates and routes in case this happens to you.

Luxaviation or Victor are excellent websites to search for flights on the empty leg, as they feature an extensive range of empty-leg flights and the latest deals. Additionally, these sites feature a database of private jets and their specifications; plus, there’s even a search function that makes finding the right flight easier!

When booking an empty leg flight, select a flight departing from a nearby airport – this will save on residual costs such as transportation and parking; additionally, it saves time by avoiding busy airports. Luxaviation provides alerts of empty legs every ten minutes!

Empty-leg flights offer an affordable alternative for those wanting to experience flying on a private jet without paying total charter prices. These one-way trips typically occur when an aircraft must return after picking up another client; seats for these empty legs can be reserved per seat, with pricing dependent on route, airports, and travel dates.