The Benefits of Tandem Sports


Tandem sports are fun, engaging, and remarkably safe activities; statistically speaking, they’re safer than mountain biking, running, or marathons.

Tandem cycling setups differ from their single bicycle counterparts in several key ways that influence aerodynamic drag force between athletes. To gain greater insight into these differences, full-scale CFD simulations of crouched, frame-clench, and time-trial tandem bicycle setups were carried out.


Jumping is a form of movement in which the body propels itself upward through air before gradually falling back down again. Compared with running, galloping, or other forms of locomotion, jumping uses more energy and is longer in duration. Jumping is used in numerous activities, including long-distance running, high jump, and show jumping, and naturally occurs among some animals, such as kangaroos and frogs.

Tandem skydiving is an increasingly popular method of learning how to skydive, where two people share one parachute system. This method enables beginners to experience all phases of skydiving (exit from aircraft, freefall, and parachute flight) with minimal training and injury risks compared to solo skydives. Tandem skydiving provides all of the sensations and benefits associated with skydiving without risking their lives solo skydiving.

Skydiving instructors are professionals trained to carry out every aspect of tandem skydiving. Wearing a harness attached to student skydivers, instructors are in complete control during every part of a jump. Students participating in tandem skydives typically stay aloft from three to eight minutes.

Tandem skydiving is an excellent and safe first-jump method in which two people share one parachute system for the skydive. This method provides excellent safety as the student remains secure to an experienced instructor who has many successful jumps under his or her belt.

Jumping is an intense cardiovascular exercise that helps increase heart health and overall physical fitness, build balance and muscle coordination, reduce stress levels, and promote well-being while at the same time developing functional strength (the ability to use muscles in everyday situations).

Stationary jumps provide all of the energy required for acceleration through launch in one movement; moving hops introduce horizontal velocity at initial acceleration, which increases total kinetic energy at launch significantly; this makes jumping from running start much more effective at covering greater distances than jumping from stationary positions.


Tandem bikes provide couples an ideal opportunity to stay active together while supporting healthy lifestyle choices while simultaneously strengthening and deepening friendships. Furthermore, biking offers unique challenges that enable teams to bond over shared experiences and deepen their appreciation of one another.

Tandem bikes can be used for leisurely rides around town or built to race. Men often dominate racing and can quickly devolve into an emotionally charged contest of testosterone-fuelled competition; Tandeming allows active partners to participate on equal terms as equal competitors.

Bicycling provides an effective cardiovascular workout while strengthening the immune system, according to studies. People who ride regularly are seen to have reduced risks for heart disease and cancer than non-exercisers; their spatial awareness improves from regular biking as well, which can help them avoid accidents or be ready for unexpected situations when they arise.

When riding tandem, the rider in front (known as a captain) must share information with their partner about what lies ahead, including rocks, potholes, glass objects, rear wheels of other cyclists, and car doors about to open. When required by their captain, tandem riders must maintain power even when their captain slows or stops riding.

Before the tandem begins, the stoker should always clip in to prevent falling off during take-off. Captains can also employ an effective take-off technique where they begin pedal strokes with one pedal off of the ground at take-off to assist in steadying it during takeoff – this may come in handy on steep hills or bridge starts. Some tandem teams practice this strategy regularly so they are prepared for steep hills or when starting from below a bridge.

Hank and Si have found that using humor to release tension while biking on their tandem has proven invaluable in maintaining solid relationships. They share an amusing tale about overshifting on a hill descent, which led them to drop their chain – something that requires both riders to work together in order to move correctly and maintain alignment of the chain on such rides.


Tandem paramotor flights provide the ideal way for prospective paramotor pilots to test the waters before beginning formal instruction. Unlike skydiving, which may be daunting and frightening for novices, tandem paramotor flights can be enjoyed safely by anyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

At a tandem paramotor flight, students sit behind their instructor and are connected by harnesses with connection clips at the back of their seats. Their instructor controls both aircraft and parachutes during their journey while giving the students a freefalling and canopy ride experience without all of the stress or worry associated with a whole jump experience.

Tandem sports often bring to mind skydiving, but there’s so much more than a single jump to experience tandem sports. Tandem jumping is the go-to way for newcomers to the sport, giving them an excellent introduction to both skydiving and paragliding via tandem jumping experiences. Tandem jumping provides regular people without prior experience an introduction to these thrilling activities by joining forces with professional skydiving instructors for an unforgettable skydive journey through the air!

As well as making sure your instructor is qualified to instruct tandem flights, it is also essential that you have all of the right equipment. Depending on the weight of your passenger, you may require an upgrade from your regular reserve parachute rated for tandem use to one that’s placed explicitly for tandem flight use. Furthermore, adding tandem ratings to your insurance cover would enable you to teach students as part of your business venture.

Once in the air and ready to jump, your instructor will perform final checks before opening their parachute and heading towards the aircraft door in a crouched position, preparing to exit.

After opening their parachute, instructors will begin a relatively slow fall – about 120mph – so that they can ensure their student is safe and has successfully deployed their parachute. A small parachutist called a drogue chute will also help slow their descent.


Coaching is an approach to sports education that helps an athlete realize their full potential through guidance, support, and encouragement. A coach sets goals and offers feedback for their progress while assisting the athlete in overcoming any barriers that stand in the way of performance enhancement. They may encourage an athlete to work harder while setting up good practices or teaching new techniques or skills to further their performance.

Coaching has emerged over time as part of human potential theory and Tim Gallwey’s The Inner Game of Tennis book, as well as sports psychology principles. Coaching has now become a recognized profession with research supporting its benefits; however, most research into sports coaching focuses on how mentors can aid their student coaches rather than vice versa.

Most of the six coaches recruited for this study were employed full-time in sport-related roles. All six worked across multiple sports and had experience in community, participation, and disability sports initiatives. Notably, all six coaches were aware of both the significance and benefits of coaching/mentoring in those areas.

Active Sussex Coach Support Officer scheme provided six coaches with mentor roles over two years. Meeting regularly to discuss issues and share best practices, they found their roles extremely worthwhile – with many benefiting their professional development through this experience. In turn, many believe the scheme has enabled them to grow as coaches and mentors.

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