The Amazing fact about Keyword GBWhatsApp apk


GB Whatsapp is very popular in today’s time for its features. After WhatsApp’s normal and business versions, people use GB WhatsApp the most today. We will know that Gb Whatsapp Kya Hai and Gb Whatsapp Kaise Download Kare, GB Whatsapp setting How to 

run GB WhatsApp is safe or not, should we run GBWhatsApp apk, we will know all the things related to GB WhatsApp in this article.

What is the gbwhatsapp apk?

GB WhatsApp is a modded form of WhatsApp. Today everyone knows WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a messenger on which almost all the world’s people are there.

How to download this app?

GB WhatsApp is also a messenger similar to WhatsApp, but you get more features than WhatsApp. You have restrictions for some things in WhatsApp, but in GB WhatsApp, you can do many things without limitations.

You do not have to do much to download GB WhatsApp. It is very easy. If you go to Google and search GB WhatsApp download, you will easily get the link of GB WhatsApp download, and you can download GB WhatsApp by going to that.

You can also download GB WhatsApp by directly visiting the website of You can also easily download GB WhatsApp from the link given below.


Setting up GB WhatsApp is very easy. It is user-friendly. You can easily set it according to your convenience. In this, you also get those features that are banned in WhatsApp.

Theme Change: To change the Theme in Gb Whatsapp, you first go to GB Setting, in this you see the option of Theme, you go to it, after going to it you know the possibility of Change Theme, in which You can change your Theme as per your wish.

GB Whatsapp-Theme-Change Theme

Colour and Font: If you want that you can change the colour and font of your WhatsApp, then you can change it, you can change it by following the steps given below.

Universal-Color-Change Color

Universal- Font-Change Font

If you want to set your Whatsapp header or status to the scene, or if you’re going to increase your level from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, you follow the steps given below. In this, you will get all these settings. Has been told about.

Home Screen – Header – Change Header

Home – Status Seen Color- Change Color

Home Screen-Status- 5Min Status-Status Time Change

If you run WhatsApp or run Android phone, you will know about the settings. Accordingly, you can easily set GB WhatsApp at your convenience.

By the way, in GB WhatsApp, all the settings are by default, and it would be good if you leave the default, and if you want to change something according to your convenience, you can do that too.

GB WhatsApp is a very popular app that almost everyone wants to use because it has more features than WhatsApp, and it is also available for free, like WhatsApp.

Now the most important question comes whether GB WhatsApp is as safe as WhatsApp so, let us tell you that if you compare GB WhatsApp with WhatsApp privacy, you will get the result that your WhatsApp is secure, but GB WhatsApp is unsafe. There is a heck of a lot going on in this.

If you are very careful about your privacy and want to keep your privacy to yourself, don’t want to let it be hacked, you should not run GB WhatsApp. Your privacy doesn’t need to be hacked, but in GB WhatsApp, it has a lot of chances. That’s why GB WhatsApp is not available on the Play Store.

If you do not have any privacy, you can download GB WhatsApp without fear and use it on your Android phone with good features. In this, you get very good qualities, which you enjoy greatly in the running.

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