Tech Gadgets That Are Revolutionizing the Education Industry

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This is the 21st century and technology is impacting every aspect of our lives. Tech gadgets are more common than ever before and have become a part of virtually every industry. The education industry is no alien to technology either. Many schools and educational institutes are rapidly incorporating it into their everyday lessons and activities. The reason is obvious. Technology helps to make learning fun and interactive.

You must have seen animated and interactive cartoons on your TV thanks to Cox TV packages. Children simply love the colorful characters. A similar approach with the help of interactive media on tech gadgets such as tablets and smartboards can promote a better learning culture in classrooms. If you’re a teacher, you must use the following tech gadgets to enhance the learning capabilities of your students.


Tablets can also be quite useful in a classroom. The reason is that that they promote collaboration. Teachers can share useful videos, presentations, and notes with students. Students can also use tablets to work on their assignments and submit them online. They can also download educational games and benefit from them.

3D Printers

It is rightly said that seeing is believing. And this is quite relevant in a classroom. If you, as a teacher, can show what you’re teaching to students, their learning process will significantly improve. The 3D printer is one such technical gadget that can prove to be very useful in this regard.

Primary school teachers can print objects in real-time and show them to the students. These devices can print a variety of objects related to math, physics, and chemistry, etc. The 3D printer can also be useful to teach students of higher studies. For example, if you print the 3D model of a heart and show it to the students, they will easily be able to identify the different parts of the most vital organ of the body.

3D Doodlers

The 3D Doodler is a very useful tech gadget. It can come in quite handy in promoting a learning culture even in children below the age of five. The 3D Doodler is quite similar to the 3D printer. However, compared to the large size of the printer, this gadget is basically a pen. You draw in air to create an object of your choice and the ink solidifies instantly. This gadget is pretty useful for creating quick art and design crafts. If you’re low on budget and can’t afford the 3D printer due to its high maintenance cost, go for the 3D Doodler.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual Reality headsets provide an immersive environment to the wearer. They can act as a useful tool to promote learning in classrooms. You can use this useful tech gadget to take students on virtual tours of historic places as well. Students can see museums, historic buildings, recreational parks, and sea creatures in sharp detail once they wear these headsets.

The Oculus Rift is one such device. Even though initially VR headsets were made for the gaming industry, now they’re seeing a wider application in many industries. Students pursuing higher students can also greatly benefit from such devices. A student of surgery can greatly benefit from a larger-than-life virtual simulation and can conduct virtual surgeries to improve their skills.


Smartboards are efficient devices that can greatly enhance the learning experience of children. You can use them to replace the traditional blackboards and whiteboards in your school. They come with a touchpad on which teachers can write and draw on. While teaching, you can also play videos on them. Furthermore, you can show pictures of what they’re teaching and even use the zoom features to show something in detail. Do note that you will require a digital projector for this to happen.

Smartboards function as an ideal tool to promote collaboration within a classroom. You can conduct a team activity and get every child involved in the learning process. Most smartboards today can connect to the internet. Therefore, you can even play educational videos from websites such as YouTube.

Interactive Projectors

Interactive projects present many learning opportunities for students. School management must install them in every classroom. These projectors can display pictures and images on virtually every item in a class be it a desk or board. Teachers can use them to teach students about various objects. Most of them also come with many interactive features such as pinch-to-zoom. You can also write on them with your fingers.

These are some of the best tech gadgets to use in schools. They can help improve the collaboration between teachers and students. Not only that, but they can also aid in promoting a better learning culture and improve the grades of students.

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