Tank Trouble – How to Upgrade Your STP System in a Diesel Tank


Tank Trouble is a game in which you control colored tanks trapped in a giant maze. Use the arrow keys to move around and the M button to fire your shell. To bounce your shells off of walls, you must aim and fire in the right direction. You can play with a human player or against an AI opponent, Laika. You can also pick up power-ups that will help you in the game. Be sure to track your shells and other resources carefully.

Upgrade your STP system to a diesel tank

You can upgrade your STP system in a diesel tank using a variety of techniques. Some products work with both gasoline and diesel tanks, and they are often used in conjunction with other STP technologies. These products work to remove harmful deposits in your fuel system, which can negatively impact your engine’s performance. They can also help you restore lost acceleration and decrease rough idling.

STP (r) Concentrated Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner is a comprehensive fuel system cleaner that fights wax and gelling. It is also proven to improve the performance of modern diesel engines, including those that operate during cold winter months. The STP (r) concentrate should be poured into the tank before fueling to ensure maximum effectiveness.

STP Oil Additive products are formulated with detergents to help suspend the sludge in the motor oil, preventing it from accumulating in the engine. These products are individually labeled to make sure you apply the correct amount. Each product treats 14-21 gallons of fuel. STP(r) products have been thoroughly tested for use in diesel engines and are safe for all types of engines.

Adding an STP Power Booster to your diesel fuel system is a simple, quick, and inexpensive way to boost its octane rating and increase your fuel efficiency. This system is best used in vehicles that have superchargers and catalytic converters, and should never be used in a two-stroke engine.