Tactics to convert visitors into customers

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Attracting target audiences to your website is only half the job done. The rest is converting them into your valuable customers. 

It takes a lot of effort to achieve this, and it is worth it. 

Once someone lands on your website, you need to keep them hooked and encourage them to look around your web pages. 

For every marketer, their top priority is to transform their website visitors into customers. Therefore, even websites’ designs are laid out and built keeping conversion in mind. 

In this article, we will be looking at ways to turn website traffic into customers. 

Drive traffic for relevant keywords 

It would help to make sure that all your website traffic was from relevant keywords. Otherwise, people are sure to leave the site immediately. 

For example, let us assume that your product is an email finder tool that can be used for finding email addresses from LinkedIn, and you are drawing traffic for the keywords “how to find someone’s office address,” then it is irrelevant.  

In such instances, you are not going to see any conversion happening. Instead, they will leave your website, increasing the bounce rate.  

As we move on to the next tactics, here is a tip for you to find email addresses from LinkedIn efficiently. You may need this for email marketing.  

Finding email addresses on LinkedIn 

You can use the GetEmail.io LinkedIn extension for finding email addresses from LinkedIn. It is a popularly growing email finder tool. 

You may start with the free pack and go for the paid plans if you find them helpful. 

As you might know, it is not easy to find everyone’s email address on LinkedIn manually; with tools like GetEmail.io, it just requires a few clicks. 

So, that was about it. 

Now let us discuss the tactics to convert visitors into customers. 

Simple navigation 

When people look out for something, they will appreciate it if the navigation is simple and clear. This will give a good user experience.  

You need to make sure that they find what they want and make a purchase with just a few clicks.  

The way items are grouped and classified on a website plays an especially significant role.  

Do not give cute or trendy names for the items on your website – it will be hard for the users to decipher the meaning. Hence name them by their actual name so that all types of users can locate what they are looking for. 

Go for an appealing visual 

With a visually appealing design, you can keep your visitors engaged to a certain extent. And that does not mean you can have nothing informative on your site and still expect your target audience to stay.  

Besides good designs, you must provide all the information clearly and interestingly.  

You can place short videos on your website to demonstrate how your products are used. 

Use an attractive and prominent call to action button so that when someone visiting your site decides to buy, they can easily know where to click. 

Concluding thoughts 

So, are you ready to get started? First, try these ideas discussed above. You will surely be able to see conversion happen. 

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