Supreme Self Defence – Unusual Secret of Self-Defence

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The potency of awareness and avoidance

I ask participants this issue at the beginning of my self-defense programs: “What do you think is the best self-protection? Is it a punch, quit, or throw? Or could it be having a Black Belt within a particular martial art? ” The Amazing fact about Glock.

The solution may surprise you. The very best self-defense is AVOIDANCE! That is it. The best possible self-defense strategy you can ever learn would be to avoid a dangerous situation, to begin with.

A dude told me during one of our self-protection courses that she had been pinched by a man on her behalf backside while out ready girlfriends in a nightclub. The girl asked me what she must do in a situation like that. I told her the best thing would be to try and steer clear of that nightclub again. Self-defense self-protection is really about using fine common sense.

So how do you avoid hazards? By using good awareness. By becoming more aware of your surroundings and environment, you can be in a much better position to prevent potential confrontations.

Make sure you usually look straight ahead of a person when walking – and become alert! If you see as well suspicious-looking people as you need to be able to avoid them.

Have you ever observed one of those documentaries about elephants or hyenas that are frequently shown on the Discovery Station or Animal Planet? Which kind of prey do the elephants and hyenas look for once they chase buffalo, zebras, or even gazelles? They look for the most fragile ones. They look for the victim that will make an easy victim, such as the young, sick, or seniors animals.

It’s precisely the same within the human world. Muggers, thugs, and rapists look for someone that will be an easy victim. You are much more prone to attack when they see you walking down the road heedless about your surroundings and unprepared.

You must keep in mind your surroundings and occurs common sense. By doing this, you will have much better chances of avoiding danger.

How we carry ourselves is very important.

Often walk with your head high and your eyes centered straight ahead. Wander like a lion. Believe it or not, this may make it far less likely you happen to be attacked.

Bad guys, in general, seek out easy victims. If you appear like someone who will give them a tough time, they will most likely cause alone and look for another unwilling recipient. But, remember, they are human way too; they are probably nervous and excited and want to get the crime over with as soon as possible. The last thing they need is someone who can fight back and resist.

They desire the type of victim who will strain and offer no resistance. Avoid looking like an unwilling recipient! Don’t look down at the ground when walking. Keep hands out of your pockets. No longer walk too fast, but they have an air of self-confidence about you.

Suppose you are generally some less confident person after that practice! I mean it; exercise in front of the mirror every day unless you get it right. Even if you do not feel confident, the truth is that you appear more confident can help you avoid danger.

Several years ago, my instructor informed me of the story of a movie shown to a group of convicted crooks. They were shown a picture from everyday life. I think it was people shopping in a grocery store. The convicts were interviewed separately and requested whom they would have selected as a victim. Naturally, they all find the same person, the one who else looked like the easiest victim!

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