Steps to Take After a Fire

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A house fire is a traumatic ordeal – one that can leave you feeling scared and powerless. After the shock wears off and any physical recovery is complete, most victims of house fires find themselves asking, “What now?”

Recovering from a fire is never easy, and the process can be excruciating. However, a few steps can help ease the path to some degree, including those below.

Call Your Insurer

After the danger of the fire has passed and your family has been checked out medically, your insurance agent should be your first call. Most home insurance policies cover remediation, personal possessions, shelter, and other immediate needs in addition to covering your dwelling. However, this does all vary by policy.

Making a claim should be a priority so that you can get your life back on track as soon as possible. While you’re speaking with them, find out how long you need to wait for an adjuster to come out so that you can get remediation underway quickly.

Document Everything

If it’s safe to enter the dwelling, you should take pictures and document all of your damaged possessions. Your insurer should send someone out to do this, as well, but it’s always a good idea to keep your documentation should there be any issues with your claim. It would help if you also kept receipts of any money you need to spend due to the fire, including clothing and food you have to buy while you’re displaced from your home.

Call In the Experts

As soon as you possibly can, call in a remediation and restoration company to clean up the fire damage. They’ll be able to remove any items that aren’t salvageable, clean items, and address both fire and water damage that occur during the fire. This will help your home get back to normal and help prevent mold and mildew growth.

You must keep any paperwork and receipts related to these services, as you’ll need to provide copies to your insurer to be reimbursed.

Have Your Home Inspected

You and your family are likely itchings to get back home and try to get back to your normal life, but there’s another step you need to take first. Have your home inspected to ensure it is structurally sound and safe to move back into? If it’s not, you’ll need to speak with your insurer again about your different options.

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