Springfield Saint Victor For Sale


The Saint has quickly established itself as a formidable weapon on the AR market for good reason, featuring premium components and an ergonomic pistol grip. Choose the Springfield saint victor pistol for sale.

Springfield Armory’s SAINT Victor Pistol rifle is their most compact firearm. Boasting a compact design with its 416R stainless steel barrel coated in Melonite for corrosion resistance and an SA Forward Blast Diverter muzzle device that can be removed for the use of different sound suppressors or silencers, the SAINT Victor Pistol offers maximum portability.


The Saint Victor AR-15 is a reliable entry-level AR-15 with plenty of great features right out of the box, making it perfect for home defense or range days without breaking the bank. Utilizing a direct gas impingement operating system similar to most AR-15s before it and accepting standard detachable box magazines by DPMS/SR25/Magpul pattern – ideal for use without compromise when protecting homes or shooting at range days!

This weapon comes standard with a black anodized finish, though other colors, such as Cerakote OD Green or FDE, can also be purchased. The gun features a proprietary free-float handguard designed to protect its mid-length gas system as well as give the rifle its distinctive look – featuring M-Lok slots on all sides except one, where a short section of rail serves as the front sight; additionally, it boasts forward raking M-Lok slots to enhance its profile and give the weapon its signature look.

Notable features of the Victor are its nickel-boron coated flat trigger, a premium feature that helps improve accuracy. It feels smooth out of the box but may need several hundred rounds to break in thoroughly. Furthermore, its enhanced bolt carrier group helps increase reliability and durability by limiting debris accumulation in its bore.

Springfield engineers carefully considered defensive scenarios when designing the Saint Victor lineup of firearms, which is evident in their power and performance. The Saint Victor range includes rifles and pistols in 5.56, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 300 Blackout calibers – each equipped with duty-grade components and premium features – and duty-grade features to meet every scenario encountered during defense scenarios.

The Victor Pistol offers the same features as its rifle counterpart but without its stock and NFA compliance issues. Equipped with both 5.56 (7.5″ barrel length) and 9.0 BLK (9″ barrel length) barrel length options, it comes supplied with iron sights and one magazine and can be fitted for sound suppressor use with an optional flash hider and rugged SB Tactical brace that reduces size, stabilizes recoil, and improves accuracy; additionally it comes equipped with Bravo Company pistol grip and forward hand stop to enhance ergonomics as well as rugged compact handguard from Springfield for added protection if desired.


Springfield Armory quickly established itself as a dominant player in the AR market with their Saint rifle, and now, with its Victor model, it continues this success by offering an expertly made, feature-packed, yet budget-conscious gun to defend your home or take the game. It features an exceptional trigger with long free-float forend and flip-up sights, making this rifle suitable for medium-game hunting and recreational shooting.

It’s chambered for the standard AR pattern round and feeds from standard mags – including double-stack mags – without overgassing issues experienced with some 16-inch barreled ARs. Furthermore, its mid-length gas system helps alleviate over-gassing problems. Moreover, this Victor features a chrome moly vanadium barrel with melonite coating, mil-spec lower and upper receiver, and an upgraded bolt carrier group (Gen 3 design) to improve reliability and accuracy.

Springfield applies a NiB finish to Victor’s engagement surfaces to reduce creep in its bolt action. While its factory trigger is satisfying to use right out of the box, a few hundred rounds may help smooth out some rough spots in its performance.

The Victor is equipped with iron sights and one magazine, plus it comes with a quality soft rifle case. Available in various finishes, its website also provides customization features to select your grip size, trigger pull weight, sight color, and other specifications.

For those wanting a more tactical gun, the Victor TD boasts a forged handguard and muzzle brake and a higher capacity magazine, flash suppressor, forward blast diverter, and bold blast diverter features designed to prevent shots from going over the target’s head.

The TD is priced at an MSRP of $1,073, but you may find online discounts bringing the cost down significantly. It would make an ideal addition to the arsenal of any tactical AR-15 owner and makes for exceptional value; its quality construction should stand the test of time as a practical hunting rifle. Though not exclusively designed, it can still be modified with some minor adjustments for small-game hunting.


Springfield’s Saint Victor AR rifle line has long been one of the company’s best-selling factory ARs, boasting premium components at highly competitive pricing. Their Law Tactical Folder model is an outstanding example of purpose-built performance at an unbeatably competitive price point. Its Tungsten Gray Cerakote finish adds character and helps protect it against corrosion; additionally, an Accu-Tite receiver mating system guarantees both upper and lower receivers are flush against each other for an elegant aesthetic finish.

This 16-inch barrel features a 1:8 twist rate. Additionally, Springfield Armory designed its muzzle brake, which increases blast impulse while still managing recoil at an acceptable level, making this rifle stand out among budget models available today.

Springfield Armory includes its flip-up iron sights on this model for added functionality and adjustment, featuring large and small apertures for different shooting situations. Press on the large knob to spring them up! These sturdy steel sights come covered in matte black Cerakote coating to enhance durability further.

Ergonomically speaking, the Saint Victor rifle is a reliable and comfortable one to shoot. The pistol grip is slim yet well-rounded for optimal hand placement; the trigger pull is smooth yet has a great feel; M-Lok real estate available allows easy accessory swapping out.

The Saint Victor AR-15 uses a direct gas-impingement operating system similar to most AR-15s, feeding from detachable box magazines such as this Magpul PMag Gen M3 20-round magazine.

The Saint Victor Law Tactical Folder variant is an attractive option for anyone who requires a dedicated marksman rifle but needs something easily transportable and concealed. This weapon’s compact dimensions and easy-carrying mechanisms make it an excellent choice for law enforcement or other duty applications.


The Springfield Saint Victor AR rifle offers premium defensive capability at an economical price, boasting numerous great features out of the box and with room for add-on accessories like lights and lasers without breaking the bank.

The Saint Victor is chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO and 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges and uses standard AR pattern magazines. Its 16″ chrome moly vanadium barrel features a Melonite finish with a low-profile gas block. A Springfield Armory-designed muzzle brake prevents barrel rise while softening recoil. A full-length M-Lok free-float handguard protects a mid-length gas system while offering ample real estate for accessory attachment. Furthermore, spring-loaded flip sights come standard along with an enhanced coated single-stage flat trigger system, allowing users to switch between modes and modes without issue quickly – no worries there!

With its fully ambidextrous safety system and ergonomic fire controls that are easy to operate and provide excellent power, Saint Victor is an accommodating firearm suitable for left and right-handed shooters alike. The SOPMOD stock features cheek welds for consistent firing positions, while an interrupted top rail permits different support grip options.

The SAINT Victor’s upper receiver is Melonite finished, HPT/MPI tested and shot-peened for exceptional reliability. To provide rock-solid, wobble-free fitment between receivers, Accu-Tite tension bonding was employed on its lower receiver to connect it securely. Furthermore, this rifle features an anti-snag pistol grip and a hardened, mil-spec trigger guard.

This firearm comes in Black, FDE, and OD Green for easy customization to meet the user’s needs. They can add tactical lights and muzzle brakes for increased performance and accuracy, respectively, as well as suppressors for silent operation and range expansion. The SAINT Victor is a premium defensive AR rifle offering exceptional power and precision at an economical price – perfect for home defense or law enforcement applications!

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