Spreading Joy with Photo Christmas Cards


Sending seasonal greetings to family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances in wonderful photo Christmas cards is a special and unique way to deliver your festive best wishes and spread a little joy in your social circle and community.

Featuring a favorite snap on your Xmas cards is an excellent way to express your creativity and impress everyone on your Christmas 2023 card list. A Christmas card that is personally designed by you will show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

Choosing the perfect photo

If you love the idea of surprising and delighting your family and friends at Christmastime, it’s easy to create a one-of-a-kind greeting card that’s a unique keepsake. Photo Christmas cards can show off a favorite wonderfully wintery and seasonal image, a captured moment that is fun or sentimental, or breathtaking scenic shots that are simply sensational.

As there’s so much scope for what you can choose to showcase on a Christmas card, it’s helpful to have an idea of the emotion you’d like to evoke with your photographs. Do you want to make your friends and family reminisce about the good old days by highlighting a fond memory of Christmas past? Or do you prefer to make them smile when they look at a photo that captures a special moment or place?

While featuring your most stunning favorite photo on the front of your Xmas cards is an absolute no-brainer, you may also want to include an additional image or two as a special Christmas gift inside the cards. Photo booth-style prints can be easily transformed into a practical and stylish keepsake bookmark that family and friends can use and enjoy daily. You can include the bookmark inside the cards or incorporate them into your professionally printed Xmas card design.

Deciding on photo orientation

When choosing the perfect Christmas cards to send to everyone on your list, you need to decide if you want your cards to be present in a landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) format.

Landscape (horizontal) Christmas cards are ideal for displaying fabulous festive scenes that are wintery, traditional, and magical. A stunning snap that you’ve captured of snow-dusted scenery makes a classic and timeless Christmas card image that family, friends, and acquaintances will certainly admire.

Alternatively, you may decide that the perfect photo to display on your festive Xmas cards this year is one you snap for the occasion. A family portrait of your clan all dressed up in fun Christmas jumpers or party finery is guaranteed to surprise and delight the lucky recipient of your personalized Christmas message. A Christmas card decorated in a quirky and original way will instantly be perceived to have much more value than a generic seasonal greeting card chosen from a bumper selection box.

Adding decorative embellishments

Once you’ve decided on the best photograph and orientation for your Xmas card display, you’ll need to add the festive decorative embellishments to help your card stand out.

Consider a traditional or modern card that features a customizable template. Choose a Christmas card with a striking design reflecting your personality, style, and good taste.

The paper quality of the Xmas cards and matching envelopes is also crucial, as it can elevate your favorite snap to luxury status. You’ll also need to take your pick from landscape, square, and portrait card formats in a flat or folded design.

Your stylish photo Christmas cards can incorporate popular traditional design details that reflect the season’s magic – like evergreen garlands, holly, and mistletoe. A more modern style of Christmas card can highlight your favorite photograph with elegant typography or monogramming. If your favorite photo is black and white, adding a festive tint will make the image pop and instantly grab attention.

Eye-catching graphic patterns, foiling, embossing, and colorful metallic inks also allow you to create a stunning photo-decorated Xmas card that loved ones will cherish and treasure.

Personalizing your prose

To make sure that your stylish Christmas cards stand out from the festive competition on the mantelpiece, carefully considering your personalized message is essential. It just won’t do to open the card and quickly scribble the recipient’s name at the top, adding your name at the bottom. Customizing your thoughtful prose with meaningful and sentimental words will go a long way to spreading joy this Christmas.

When handwriting your photo-embellished Christmas cards, keep the prose short and sweet. Take a moment to think about what the specific person that you’re writing to means to you. Communicate your feelings using words that bring the photo on your card to life.

If you’re unsure what to write inside the cards, recall a humorous or special moment you shared with a loved one last Christmas. Put a smile on their face by reminding them of the occasion you remember so fondly.

Your favorite seasonal traditional sayings, song lyrics, Christmas movie lines, and literary quotes can also effectively convey your message of joy if you’re genuinely stuck for creative expression inspiration.

To make handwriting your unique photo Christmas cards more enjoyable, you can play your favorite festive soundtrack in the background or watch a classic family movie as you work.

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