Social media marketing 101 Seminars – The best way to Teach a Class That Gravel!


We recently taught a new Social Media 101 Seminar for a local Chamber of Trade. We had a sold-out course and a room full of those of you ready to learn how social media may help your business grow.

Toy trucks had requests from all over the world for a recap of anything you did so it can be leveraged to get other coaches, and mentors in addition to trainers. Thus the reason for that post. If you need more info. I highly recommend you feel free to contact me directly.

The students had mixed visitors of newbies, “sorta knows”, and “know enough for being dangerous”. There is so much fun about social media we resolved to ensure all left realized what social media was and it could help their biz.

We purposely made the decision Never to teach the details of HOW an individual set up a Facebook webpage to a later class. We’d folks in the class who also didn’t know the difference between a “twit and a blog” (their words) so discussing FBML for Facebook could have lost them at the “FB”.

Just because class participants use a Facebook page or Twits account doesn’t mean they are really experts nor that they realize how to properly use them.

We wanted to place the tone as fascinating to ensure people felt relaxed asking the most basic question. Most of us kicked off with a position play that included Tiara your crown for the men, slinkys, income-hungry scammers, and sweet. This helped everyone confident about each other and helped contributors feel comfortable asking questions.

Tip #1: Know Your Visitors
Know their business, sector, knowledge of social media, marketing, and technological know-how.

Tip #2: PREPARE!
Determine whether stress is enough. Learn your audience, your approach, your pitch, and your articles. Ensure you are prepared so that you can give attention to your participants. The day is around THEM, NOT YOU along with your business! Keep the focus on impressive them to ignite their passion for biz to new heights!

Tip #3: Set and also Communicate Clear Objectives

Tip #4: Use a Variety of Mediums
Combine role play, address, and video to keep members engaged and learning.

Tip #5: Include Current and Compelling Statistics Showcasing the potency of Social Media

Tip #6: Begin with a Role Play to Engage your own Audience
Rob Zulkoski associated with RobZ Fitness deserves an enormous pat on the back to be such a good sport in the pink Tiara! Our purpose play focused on the importance of reliability and content for constructing profitable relationships on social websites.

Tip #7: Query Your own personal Audience about their Knowledge along with Usage of Social Media.
Do this before and during class if at all possible. View our presentation on Fall Share for an example.

Tip #8: Review Stats: Make certain they are UPDATED, RELEVANT to your own personal AUDIENCE, and COMPELLING

Tip #9: Address Barriers in order to Adoption (relevant to your audience).
I used a misconception vs truth vs group of questions and had participants imagine the answers.

Tip #10: Review Biz Benefits as well as methods for achieving a positive RETURN ON INVESTMENT (relevant to your audience)

Tip #11: Review your specific method of social media.
If you don’t have an approach, determine one. Customers and course participants will expect this particular level of knowledge and content material.

Tip #12: As part of your “approach” to social media be sure to consist of goal setting, listening, measuring along with executing at a minimum!

Tip #13: Discuss the Importance of Social websites as PART of an INTEGRATED Marketing Program.
It is significant for people to know the best REVENUE is derived when social media is usually part of integrated marketing, not necessarily the only medium!

Tip #14: Demo social media tools while time permits.
If you have a time period include a demo of several automation tools. This will take smiles to the fellow geeks in the room. I’m a nerd at heart so can often pick them out of a group

Tip #15: Share Guidelines.
Include examples from your own along with industry experts, your mentor’s social networking platform pages, profiles, and so on

Tip #16: Share Situation Studies
Use case research from clients you have caused or are working with. If you are nevertheless in a startup and don’t possess any references make sure to beef up the middle section of your own preso when you discuss techniques and approaches to adoption associated with social media.

Tip #17: Utilize VIDEO!
Capture video ahead of, during, and after the period if at all possible. You will receive fantastic feedback post-class for you to validate your approach, in addition, to helping you make improvements for the next period. It’s best to have extra persons there or a 3rd party to deal with the video so you can focus on your own personal participants. We partnered using CateTV for a fun get of the day.

Tip #18: Get 411 of ALL Attendees
Many of us captured names, company, electronic mail, Twitter handle, and Myspace page URL of all individuals. Not only did this supply the 411 but also helped all of us understand where they were within the adoption of social media.

Tip #19: PARTNER with the Sponsor
Review your goals with the sponsor company or person. Our own session was part of the Chamber of Commerce Biz Ed 101 Series. All of us reviewed objectives prior along with key stakeholders to ensure conversation and expectations were totally in line.

Tip #20: Pre-Market the Class
Maximize every chance at networking events, add newsletters, and host marketing communications and PR to advertise the event. We started marketing our event a couple of months prior to it happening. They sold out associated seats. It was the first time that they had sold out in 1 . five yrs so we were very pleased.

Tip #21: Become AUTHENTIC!
Remember people are individuals. Be real, be genuine and your class will love you actually! If you don’t know the answer to an issue, don’t fake it. Take it in a parking lot and grow sure to answer it within 24 hours.

Tip #22: Write-up Survey
Have all participant’s results in a survey. Since this one seemed to be hosted by the Brandon Appropriate slot of Commerce, they watched over the survey. We got valuable feedback to help you improve next time. Most of us also learned key elements of the content we liked. All of our participants enjoyed the position play, and statistics, and mentioned our knowledge of social media.

Tip #23: Post-Class Marketing
Show the class immediately. We placed the videos the same morning. Tag participants in pics, Tweet about them, write-up on their Facebook pages, contain mention them in your video clips. Publicly thank the web host on social media platforms. Complete a blog post just like this one.

Tip #24: Keep it Fresh!
Avoid the use of a deck from a year before. Social media seems to change per hour. Ensure your stats are usually current, screen captures are usually from within the last 7 days. Give attention to content that inspires and also connects with your audience. May lecture to them… inspire these!

Tip #25: Have Fun
Supposing you are well prepared for the school day, there is no reason you merely can’t have fun! By the day in the class you should be 100% at ease with the content, have a basic comprehension of your audience, know your current “pitch” and be ready to ordinary it out! Focus on inspiring these phones to ignite their business. A single day should be about them, definitely not you! Watch their view light up as they learn the strength of social media, the fact that they can take up and see real, measurable advantages of social media regardless of how big or small they are really.

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