Smart Circle Lawsuit


Smart Circle is a cult that uses brainwashing tactics to control its staff. These techniques include uniforms, jargon, meetings, incentives, and harassment. Get the Best information about Smart Circle International.

Each local office is known as an Independent Contracting Division (ICD). These managers have hands-on experience in the field with Smart Circle clients and program compliance.

Several employees of Smart Circle filed a wage lawsuit in California seeking minimum wages and overtime pay. Here are a few key points from the case:


In the early 1950s, when journalist Edward Hunter popularized the term brainwashing, it tapped into Cold War anxieties about a perceived Communist conspiracy to control minds. Hunter used it in an article for the Miami News and in subsequent writings and books to claim that Chinese and Soviet secret police had uncovered methods of altering people’s mental states and replacing their free will with a new one. He argued that these techniques were so powerful and pervasive that they could be employed anywhere, even in the United States.

Today, the concept of brainwashing has been applied to a whole host of issues and groups, from political movements like new religious movements (NRMs) to cults to companies that force employees to work long hours without proper compensation. This article explores the history of the term and its usage, including battles within the mental health professions over the inclusion of brainwashing as a disorder in key medical references like the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). It also considers court cases in which claims of brainwashing have been used to justify coercive conduct against individuals.

An excellent example of this is found in the case involving Smart Circle and its affiliates, including Signals United, OnPoint, and Looped In. The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that the defendant companies misclassify field agents as independent contractors and fail to pay them minimum wage and overtime wages. The companies also need to provide adequate meal and rest periods for the workers and issue inaccurate wage statements.

Essentially, these workers are being brainwashed into a scheme that is reminiscent of an old movie from the thirties called The Manchurian Candidate. This film, which featured a Communist plot to control an American POW and a belligerent senator, is just one of many movies that have used the idea of brainwashing to scare the public. It is essential to understand that these types of tactics are dangerous and should never be used by any company, as they can have a devastating effect on the mental health of their employees.

Dishonest Postings

We live in a world where we’re constantly being bombarded with advertising, so much so that many consumers start ignoring ads, forwarding emails, and skipping commercials. Face-to-face marketing, as a way to reach consumers, has become an essential tool for businesses to stay relevant in our society. Smart Circle, a company that provides customized face-to-face sales solutions, helps businesses get their brand in front of consumers.

Smart Circle also has a shady reputation when it comes to paying its employees. One former “field agent” filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging that it failed to pay minimum wages and overtime premiums. The lawsuit seeks double damages and a nationwide collective action. The company has also changed names several times, including Wholesale Warehousing Industries, DS-Maxx, Granton Marketing, Cydcor, Innovage, and Credico Group.

The case was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California and is pending. Newport Beach-based lawyer Karla Kraft represented it. A copy of the complaint is available on Justia’s PACER docket system. The case number is PACER-CV-17-0218.

Deceptive Promotion Process

Face-to-Face Marketing
Despite the fact that the advertising world has advanced to the point where consumers have become accustomed to hearing advertisements on the radio, via email, television, and social media platforms, there are still certain brands that prefer to reach consumers in the form of traditional face-to-face marketing. This type of marketing allows for the brand to gain credibility among consumers and can be highly effective in converting leads into customers.

One company that utilizes face-to-face marketing is Smart Circle, which provides customized sales solutions for companies of all sizes. The company uses field agents to talk directly with consumers and build relationships that help drive revenue. In addition, it offers clients the opportunity to increase their customer retention through customer service training.

However, the company has been accused of misclassifying its employees as independent contractors to avoid paying them minimum wages and overtime pay. Moreover, the company is accused of not providing adequate meals and rest breaks for its workers. A former field agent of Smart Circle brought a wage and hour class action against the company on behalf of himself and other employees of Signals United, OnPoint OC, Looped In, and Smart Circle.

In response to the allegations in this complaint, Smart Circle International would like to clarify that this individual worked for a local sales company, **********s, located in *********. **********s and The Slave Circle are not part of the Smart Circle family, and we require each local sales company to comply with all laws, including employment practices.

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